A Recondite Scribe…

Little things can mean so much… Little things can hurt so much… Little things can maim your soul… little things can make it whole…
The tangible abstractness of life has always appealed to me.. Certain moments frozen in eternity… Sordid… tainted… painful…obloquious…
It’s like being an eagle, chained to a mountain top… You see the wind skimming the earth below, watch the clouds sneer on by, feel the golden hue of the rising sun on your weather worn skin… Yet you can’t do the one thing that you were destined to do… to SOAR…
When nightmares steal the tranquility of my repose … I stumble out of bed and stare at the ceiling to wonder… what more mysteries lie in ambush?
All the lies about a brand new world waiting for me, when I wade knee deep in the sewer of human greed and apathy…All about spreading the love and flower power, when a gazillion ejaculations of malevolence and avarice ravish my innocence…
The undercurrent pulling me towards the void is too strong… I fight it, I rebel and I come up for air…”Eli,Eli…lama sabachthani?” All of a sudden, everything seems so clear, so pristine amid the dark smog… I’ve found it, my trail, my destiny, my cross, my end, my beginning


  1. a complex and intertwined mind.. 🙂 close to my kind..:)

    a fabulous thought… processing in a different light… nice write …keep penning..:)

  2. Dear MS.Joyce
    You really have started off well. Your Blog also has the ambiance to it ass wel.So i You start addressing the masses as the blog profile being the 4dtmasses. I would rsther ask u to tone down on ur vocabulary becoz it makes he blog reading easier for everyone.but I also would suggest that you shouldn`t compromise on what you write.
    words speak powerful than action and they blossom if those words can be transformed into action…

  3. Incredible is what i would call your blog. I always knew that you had a good command over english language. The way you expressed innermost feeling and merged that with the bible is very innovative. You have the potential here I think you made everyone see that too, now what are you gonna do with that, is upto you!

    Nice Job

  4. heavy writing yAAr
    actuaLLy din fEEL like coMMenting there
    as i read through the remaining two

    But ya everyone has their own philo.
    n how they express it.

    Infact the
    ?mark in the beginning says it aLL
    I just hope like every other human
    you too get yr answers day-2-day
    as yr living, from beginning-2-end.

  5. A pessimist in all his/her glory …my sis used to say this to me …i dont have much to write ….

    ” In every winters heart lies a quivering spring, and behind the veil of each night waits a smiling dawn” ..Gibran …I personally dont go by this …still


  6. Ok, read ur Blog.Firstly, like to express my token of thankfulness for obliging me with such a marvellous write.
    Well, your words deliver a poignant punch on the existence of the person addressed(ie u), a very complex state of clear mind,tht s hovering around
    a helpless state and wanting to unleash her innermost power, to get back to where she belongs to.
    I think tht’s wht the intense script sums up to.
    A rebel born witha new cause, .
    I read somwhere”’ TO MY END< LIES MY BEGINNING"..
    This echoes such a grippy feel.
    U rock pal and u have the potential to write Thrillers(am serious) and i m not gonna delete ths scribe ever, cos i love such writes and somwhr I feel a vague connection.
    Hope my comment satisfies u and thank u for giving me such a chance to actually study something .
    Cheers .

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