A million pieces of the whole…

The incoherent rambling of a fragmented mind will make sense only to minds of its kind…
My mind’s a million pieces held fast by a fine thread of hope…
Myriad pieces reflecting the cacophony within…
A million reflections of a troubled soul, a million fragments of eternity,A million flashes of ecstasy, a million ounces of pain, A million wings of freedom, a million cups of hemlock…
A million pieces of the whole…


  1. Oh! How True… How True Indeed!!

    They struck a chord in my Heart ♥.

    Thank You! I’ts an honor to move hearts… they say the angels ring a bell in heaven every time this happens 🙂

  2. I find this piece exotic! Very Brilliant ! Please keep posting us more ! I Would want to be served with more of such elegant delicacies 🙂

    One small Sugestion- I feel the blog url and the end note need a lil reconciliation. Everything else is just so fine 🙂

    You are one brilliantly fine writer!! May you keep posting us with more of your creative selves ! Enjoy 🙂

    BEst wishes Cheers and Love 🙂

  3. great bit of poetry there… especially associating freedom with hemlock… sometimes a glass of hemlock is all u need to attain total freedom… sometimes a lesser weed does the trick albeit on a temporary basis…

  4. True justice can be done only when the ones who are not violated are as indignant as the ones who are.
    Thanks for the good work!

  5. A million thimgs to say… just a few words!

    the depth of the soul…
    complexities of the mind…
    beautiful insight…

    a million expressions invoked… just a few words!

  6. I won’t comment about the quality of the poetry as u hv mentioned that you scribe for yourself, not for readers 🙂 I’ll only appreciate the truth portrayed here.. ye it’s the mind where all anagonistic elements coexist in complete serenity…

  7. Beautifully written 🙂
    You have talent, lady 🙂
    (I am assuming you are a lady? 🙂

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