That which has no caption…

There are two things that are very hard to come by…Profoundness and simplicity… Yeah, to think great thoughts, one has to pry loose from the billboard of the ‘self portrayal’ that would’ve probably taken years to build.
Hangin on the edge o the abyss, I hear people say “She’s on the edge of insanity”. I smile.
Bring on the transition cavalry… You say it’s madness to let go, and I smile… I’m free, from the fetters that bind you, from having to wake up when the alarm goes off, to drink ‘socially’, to smoke ‘occasionally’, to read a movie ‘critique’ before I catch a flick, to hand out some change to a beggar and clap myself on the back “Lord I helped a stranger”, to talk about ‘moral competence’ and ’emotional stability’ walking in a valley of broken hearts…
Do I belong here? No? (Smirk) “The son of man has no place to lay his head”.Yeah the stained and chipped cup holds as much beauty to me as your coral china,the barren land poses as much beauty as the backwaters you identify yourselves with; I smile…
I respect your sense of propriety to your socio-economic identity; you prosecute me for being different, for thinking wild, for listening to music at 3 o clock in the morning walkin in the mist sippin on ma soda – you squirm, “kids these days” you say? I smile…
I can feel the rain even before it hits my skin, I let a mongrel walk me home, I can ride without knowing my destination, I can sit on a milestone with a friend and feel at home, I can let the salty tang of the ocean air soothe the deepest longin of my heart, I hold my hand in front of my face and block out the sun.
Profoundness and Simplicity…
I hear you.. I look into your eyes, I see you for what you are. Bring it on.
I turn around and walk into the sunset….
I smile…


  1. heyyyy,
    yeah.. a lot of that does sound familiar.. yeah but nobody has openly voiced any opinion….. yet…
    All that reminded me of a statement by Dylan (Bob): Some people feel the rain.. Others just get wet..”

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