On a lighter note


On a lighter note, I received my first blog award! Hurray! This one from Aparna, who was the first person to ask me “Do you blog?” I huffed and I puffed…So, what does a blog add to your life?
Quality time with my antique computer
Hate mails to my internet service provider.
Some great friends / Impromptu dinners
Crazy talks
Silly pranks
What more can you ask for eh?

About passing it on, I would like to pass it on to one of my favorite bloggers, Charles Antony (the first person to tell me I’m gifted) and one Mr. M N Arvind, hoping he writes soon!

Here are the rules:
Display the Award in your page
Award them to your favorite commentators
Ask them to forward it to their favorite commentators


  1. 🙂 congratulations

    by the way – a little bit ago, you said you wanted me to start posting again. well, i never stop for too long. i just moved. follow my name! (i dont want the spam filter to hunt me down and kill me, so i wont post the url).

    anyways, now i gotta go digest this blog.

  2. Well, I usually don’t ask that question to all. Did you know that?! 🙂
    Here is to more awards. Btw, be ready to get tagged/memed! Here is to active blogging!! 🙂

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