A fool’s rhyme

This is something I wrote for my advanced poetry class in college. My assignment – ” The last poem before your life is snuffed (yes – they wanted it to rhyme)”

Lachrymose clouds holding back, letting the sun gently flirt,

My sandaled feet gently burdening the dirt;

My flickering orange sweeps back the dark tresses of the night,

I ponder chewing on my cedar enslaving graphite;

This shall not sing of my first school dance or climbing my first fence,

It shall not speak of my father walking away trailing my innocence;

It will not hail me for pulling through pain and despair

It does not chastise me for losing my sanity or being unfair;

It’s neither an ode to my laurels nor a dirge for those lost,

Not a chronicle of superlatives or curses tossed.

My swan song sweet earth – Let it be not sublime;

My swan song, gentle Charon – let it be, but a fool’s rhyme.


  1. Poetry was never my thing.. and I am happy to say I haven’t understood a word!! 😀

    I like Urdu poetry though.. or even Hindi.. and Tamil.. ahem! Maybe that just means I don’t think much of English poetry, because its quite simple and in the face.. When my dad goes into Urdu poetry, i don’t understand a word, but it sounds profound.. and I attach poetry with profoundity – i.e. – something I don’t understand!

    So, by that explanation – this is an awesome poetry, gal ! 😀

  2. “fools rhyme”?? highly unlikely.. though with almost nil ideas on creating poetry.. it does come through as very interesting piece written with a nice play of words.. Love the sound of it and the flow of words….

  3. i would give poetry a pass any day 😉 sorry i have this manufacturing defect in me..which doesnt let me understand anything in it 😀

    iambic pentameter – now what was that???

  4. Aah…me the hear about iambic pentameter!! Let us watch a movie Dead Poets’ Society when you come home next time 🙂

    You rhymed!!!! 😀

  5. Amit: Thanks.. I think!

    My prof didn’t think so… I quote “How dare you make a mockery of the bards? I told you, I wanted the poem in Iambic pentameter!”

    And I remember thinking “an iambic what’sthewho?”

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