It feels like the man up there has hit the fast-forward button in my life…

Lately everything is whizzing past me with such insane speed that things are a blur (I know what you are thinking,but am sober!)

I fell on my ass trying to scramble for the phone forgetting that I was standing on a stool, forgot to pay for a cantaloupe in a mad frenzy to dash out of the store , return to the store coz I forgot my grocery bag, returned to return the grocery bag coz I hadn’t purchased grocery and came home without the cantaloupe.

Last Tuesday I witnessed an accident. This crazy-tattooed-eyebrow pierced-Mohawk sporting guy on a motor bike rammed into a pedestrian crossing the street. The lady shrieked like a banshee with her gown on fire and there was mayhem.Β  The fiend gathered his pants back over his ass, cocked his head, shifted gears and raced away!

Can you believe it! I had a fleeting impression that he gave her the finger too… I barely had time to help her to the side walk before the traffic whirred upto breakneck speed, many motorists throwing her looks of malice.Β  “Sheesh! sorry you had to take your foot off the gas pedal while a woman died on the road ass****s”.

I never did handle road-rage well… Sigh. We bundled her into an auto and the driver kept telling us to hurry up as the motorists kept honking like their lives depended on it…

This lady turns and tells the auto driver “Seekram ponga late aagida pogudhu” (Please hurry I’m getting late)

I rolled my eyes so far back in my head that I thought I’d fall over backwards and spied a pre-teen checking to see ifΒ  had left the keys in my Activa probably trying to steal it.

Hell, what’s wrong with the world!

I need a breather and that’s why my blog has been and will be dormant for a while…


  1. :)…..the ambiance was too gud….so can’t resist stopping here and have a look abt whtz happening here….no regrets now…got another gud blog frm chennai πŸ™‚ ……

  2. It happens…world is so fast and everyone is running crazy 4 something, even they don’t know 4 wht…….. take it easy gal….just go along with the waves πŸ™‚ …..

  3. I have my reserved expletives for such errant bikers which I cannot type in comments. In general a lot of people on the road do not follow any rules and do not even bother to stop and help in case of an accident. Hope nothing happened to the lady.

    1. Hey Sushil,

      Thanks for stopping by…

      Well don’t hold back on anything buddy, you know what they say about repressed feelings… lol!

      I have no idea what happened to the lady after that… we bundled her into the auto rickshaw and they took off… The auto wallah burning rubber like he had swine flu on his heels 😦

  4. Take care!!! Next time, please get the damn cantaloupe! Have you not told me that life is a bit**?! Well, we are there for you! Remember you have a little guy here who has not seen you for quite a while!! πŸ˜€ He might help cheer you up a wee bit!

    1. life is a bit**?!

      Guess I have to bve reminded of that quite a lot these days πŸ™‚ And I miss A too… I’ll visit him as soon πŸ™‚

  5. Wow! Sometimes life can be pretty baffling.

    It’s funny but I think there is a clumsy thing in the air. A friend of mine recently fell down her stairs to answer her phone (it was a wrong number) and yesterday I walked right into my open office door. As I was searching for a band aid in the cupvoard i pulled it right out an it landed on my foot.

    The eyebrow pierced-Mohawk sporting guy on a motor bike sounds like a god damned teenager.


  6. As much as despise to say this, since you are talking about the bad way the society reacts, I loved the humor part laced in your writing all along.

    Be back sooner, will miss your posts πŸ™‚

  7. edukku late aga poguthu ? cinemavukka illa paralokam pogava?
    take a break and come refreshed with a new bike.

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