‘Cupcake’ guy is back and I saw a camel!

Img Courtesy: Purdue.edu

Img Courtesy: Purdue.edu

I was parking my bike at a flower shop on my way home last night…

It’s burning hot in Chennai and I was surprised to see the shop having a big bunch of beautiful pink and white carnations…The breath caught in my throat and I pulled over.

I was looking at the beautiful collection of flowers they had for the day/evening (Roses and Carnations mostly) and they had a pink and white theme going… When suddenly I heard

“So can I get some flowers for my cupcake?”

Deepak Debnath (sack o swine poo).

“Hey” my face darkens by several shades and I suddenly wish it was TK or any other friend that I ran into…

“Why the long face (pause) baby face?(Hearty Chuckle, apparently it was something clever and / or funny)

“Nothin’, I was just leavin’ ”

“Yo! Hold up Bunny Bear, you want me to drop you somewhere”

“No thank you Deepak. I wish you would call me by my name.”

“You hate me callin you sweet names huh? That’s different about you. You gotto have that checked out… Most girls pray for it…”

“I’m not most girls. I have to go. Bye!”

“Bye Joyceykins… What? It is your name right?” Calling after me “I’ve moved here, I’ll see you around”

I beat a hasty retreat shooting a prayer to the heavens. “I promise I will cut back on road rage and pulling pranks on people for a whole month. Just get me outta this! I’ll even throw in eating my vegetables…”

Yeah! The cupcake guy is back… 😦

This afternoon I was riding to work. It is 104.36 F and the humidity Gods are at their most benevolent phases in the year.

So I was ridin along and turned a corner and VOILA! There was a camel…

A goddamn CAMEL! Ship of the desert, with a hump and bad teeth and everything!

There it was ambling along, and a boy who looked about 12 yrs old,was leading it offering rides in boiling weather…

I knew Chennai was getting hotter, but sheesh!

This is insane. This is just wrong. Cart them damn camels to where they belong. I’m not ready for this yet!


  1. Eric: A peacock! Now that’s a beautiful sight indeed.

    Raj: Camels = Bad breath and a lot o s**t
    Cupcake guy = Camel… You do the math!

  2. Heyy Arrrrrch,

    is it a coincidence or what: talking of camels and this guy. I guess you are a pretty organised person… but to this level!!!?!

  3. I’m glad to see that you stood up to that guy. Good for you. As for the camel thing, well, I have to say that is pretty awesome. I saw a peacock walking down the road once but that is as cool as it gets.

  4. Well I know sometimes it really gets on ur nerves with guys like cup cake…
    I have been to Chennai couple of times nd trust me I hate the heat..who wouldn’t but then camel on the rode is not a bad sight! πŸ™‚

    1. Cupcake guy is the baap of them all!
      Well It’s not the sight of an animal on the road, it’s the fact that the nomads thought that our city was ‘desert-like’, so they can bring and flaunt their camels and their bad breath 😦

  5. Most girls pray for it!!! Does this guy love himself or what. You need to carry a can of pepper spray for just such an emergency in future. Maybe send the camel to do the spitting thing at him

  6. Ashwathy: Thank you! And I have a feeling you’ve been in my shoes before?!?!

    Alan: Ecks! I hate cats! I like kitten but no cats.. and I’ve seen close to 5 camels in my life and all of them had bad teeth… So did their handlers… hmmm…

  7. Aaarti: Girl! I couldn’t agree more!

    Rafiq: No way! He would never read blogs… He once told us that internet is meant for two things – watching porn and downloading the same… (UGH!) Chennai is getting as hot as hell! I only hope we can combat global warming before it’s too late..

    Anish: The camel is saddled and the saddle is hot and then you put your errr… tendr areas on it and… man this is insane and a health hazard! I know we are trying to control population explosion and all but …!!!

  8. Chriz: A camel pee? I must’ve missed that documentary on the discovery channel, about “Desert animals and how they pee? or should they pee at all?”

  9. Gary, I’ve hated him pretty much since I was in high school. He is one of those very few people in life that I do not respect. Maybe it’s because he treats people like trash, gets drunk and paws women at any given opportunity and feels that something is wrong with me coz I don’t put out for all the money that he has (is very vocal about it in public too!)
    Camels in India were confined to the north pretty much… I haven’t seen one on the streets in Chennai and I’ve lived here all my life πŸ™‚

  10. Oh my Era, three trips? Really? Well most of the big Indian temples have elephants and some temples that are away from the cities have resident monkeys as well! πŸ˜›

  11. Camels in chennai.I have seen horses in Marina beach…But this camel is new to me…nyways in this scorching 40 degree,riding on a camel…this is insane

  12. So the cupcake was back… sorry you πŸ™‚ I wonder does he read your blog ??? πŸ˜‰

    Camels, well… as creepy it sounds… I only wish that the nomads don’t take it on a walk for such a long journey…. they bring it for begging… what they do is deprieve the poor creature from its usual environment… not that Chennai is any better than Sahara at the moment…. eeks….


  13. hahahahaha @ the camel .. yep,seen them around… gives me the jeepers[cos i start imagingin chennai becoming like the desert and all!! ]

    Am not too comfy with random guys calling me sweet names either.. infact hate it and tell them to their face.. some learn , some just dont!! uff!!


  15. Sorry to hear about the “cupcake guy” being back! You obviously don’t like the guy but why?? Just curious. πŸ˜‰

    A camel eh?? Now that would be interesting to see walking down the street. Maybe not so much in India but here in Illinois it would be. LOL

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