So yes, I’m back!

And what have I been doing all this time?

Well, I’ve been on an excellent family vaction to Kodaikanal!

The hills were magnificent and the cold was soothing! We traveled by train from Chennai to Virudhunagar and my uncle picked us up in his car. We drove uphill to Kodai. The guest house we stayed in was at Kohinoor (Yes like the diamonds and the condoms) and it was a sight for sore metropolitan eyes!

One of the many beautiful valleys @ Kodaikanal

One of the many beautiful valleys @ Kodaikanal

Most of the pictures are in my Orkut / Facebook albums.

I also had one of the best weekends ever! I caught up with Thomas (Same Restaurant but no crazy photographer this time)! Then we decided to hit a multiplex. Come weekend and all the movies were sold out except Terminator Salvation. The movie wasn’t bad. I liked the bikes! After the movie I succumbed to a waffle basket and then we rode by the beach.

Waffle Basket @ City Center!

Waffle Basket @ City Center!

I was wiped out by the time I reached home as I had not slept since my night shift the previous night.

Sunday dawned bright and early with my brother Arun Joseph offering to take me to Ice Age: Dawn of the dinosaurs! Little did I know, that our brother and sister quality time would be shared by 31 other friends !!Who am I to complain, we had the best seats in the house… Wait, we had almost all the seats in the house!

I love animated movies and I’ve been a fan of Scrat and Sid since the very first part. Disappointing however, is Diego, who turns out to be a big softie. No saber tooth tiger here folks! He acts like an overgrown fur ball. And to think I loved him! Kind of reminds me of Chandler Bing in Season 9 and 10, where he is always reading a newspaper or a magazine and isn’t really ‘Chandler’ ish anymore… After the movie and some fun with the gang, I came home to await the arrival of my irritating Uncle R. (Don’t’ ask, rolling eyes).

I was supposed to meet with the blogger gang and Apar and Aaarti called in (Hugz Y’all!). Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it as it was too far away , to make it back home on time. Thankfully, Ashwin (my friend who lives close by) invited me over as a mutual friend and her husband were visiting. I couldn’t make it to her wedding and so I sheepishly dragged my behind there and offered an apology for the second time. She didn’t seem to mind and it was all laughs and hugs just like old times…

I came back home in time to catch Uncle R gorging on rotis and mangoes at my dining table. Mom seemed relieved to see me and my brother who was at wits’ end never looked at me with so much love!

I spent most of Monday drinking coffee and basking in peoples’ lovely comments on my new hair cut…

Hopefully I’ll find time to blog more often!

That’s my weekend folks! Hope yours was just as much fun and eventful.


  1. ‘terminator salvation wasnt bad?’..thts all u gotta say abt it?

    It was awesome!

    I’m afraid so Rakesh… Predictable, no Arnold, good special effects… Not bad!

  2. yaaay thats a nice weekend..long time since i had a weekend which i can rave about..think am getting old 😉

    btw ICE AGE rocked..i loved it 🙂

  3. I dont care if you are back or front, but from where in citi centre do you get that waffle thingy ???? tell me…tell me…

    Vimmuu, This is in City Center…In the food court… above Inox… You have to look for the gelato stand in the farthest corner and ask for a Waffle Basket (Rs.100) It comes with 3 scoops of ice cream (You get to pick the flavors) and any assortments of nuts and syrups that you wish!

  4. Welcome back!!!

    btw, is that bowl of ice cream sitting on the floor? the other one on FB was better.. !!hehehe!!

    Do write more
    and errr, we wanna see the new hairdo too u know!!

    Aaarti, The bowl of Icecream is atop the counter! And as far as the haircut is concerned, will show you soon! I’m looking for a photographer who can make it look better than it actually is 😛


    Ravi, lolz, thanks for the lovely welcome!

  6. hey,
    Woolly mammoth is Ray Romano of “everybody loves Raymond”

    BTW, why did you have to shoot the Waffle “plate” keeping it on the floor? 🙂 🙂 😛

    Raj, Woolly Mammoth aka Manfred… And yeah Queen Latifah is Ellie… 😀
    The waffle basket is on a counter top people! 🙂

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