Cherry Pie Award

My Mondays are usually morose and mundane…

When I say grace, I add an extra line thanking God for coffee and my recently acquired and much appreciated ‘selective-hearing-on-Mondays’ skill… (One that does not appear on my resume)

So this Monday morning, I opened my google reader and Voila! Gary had decided to make my Monday!

Cherry Pie Award from Gary

Cherry Pie Award from Gary

Oh and for those who didn’t know, Gary is my official wedding (whenever that is) photographer!

Here is the Cherry Pie Award!

I humbly accepted this along with 9 other fabulous bloggers… Do visit them for they truly are a delight to read…

Thanks a bunch Gary and Paula, you truly made my day!


  1. @Amit
    not really necessary if you are Reggie.. he is in love with himself and can get married to himself… but then this is Archie…

    [Horrified] RAJ! What are you suggesting?

  2. gary is the name of an english Lord.. aint it?

    and congos for the award

    English Lord or not am sure he is Paula’s knight in shining armor! Thank You Chriz!

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