Remember to footnote the words ‘So far’

Always when judging
Who people are,
Remember to footnote
The words “So far.”

-Robert Brault

So far...

So far...

Sometime back I got thinking about how people change all the time. Like water, we take the shape and form of the objects that contain us.

Our socio-economic background, choice of music, taste in movies and TV shows, family set-up, friends and their personalities etc definitely have a bearing on who we are. I wanted to test the theory on myself. See what aspects of my behaviour change when I’m with a particular group of friends / people.

And what do you know… I did change! “Am always the same” is a phrase I’ve heard myself say often. Little did I know that it was about to change.

Jerry Macguire was on TV and Sniffles(as I choose to call my mom) and I were watching it… ‘You had me at hello…’ sent me racing around the house ion search of tissues. Half-way through blowing my nose, I realized that when my brother and I saw the movie a few weeks ago, we were screaming ‘Show me the money!’ and rolling our eyes at ‘You complete me’.

Now you may say like I used to… ‘That’s a load of tosh. People are unique’. People are, and it takes a good friend to see the uniqueness in a person. A person can project images of self into another person’s head. I can be a sweet friend, innocent baby sis, bitchy boss, loving girl-friend, formidable enemy, horrible sister, pain-in-the-ass daughter all in one… So how long does it take someone to see me as I see myself? Sweet? Innocent?Bitchy?Horrible?Strong? What am I to these people? Do they see me as I want them to? Or am I veering away on an opposite tangent?

Hmmm… Oh well, so far so good!


  1. heyy…i jst stumbled upon ur blog and really liked the way u express the simplest of thoughts. very imoressive. keep penning. good luck

    I’m glad you stopped by Ansu! And thank you for being so kind 🙂

  2. We all wear masks…Often we deny it…But then doesn’t our behavior vary from situation to situation and people to people…Well its like spectrum…Different colours from a single point 🙂

    Wow! That’s such a profound thought! And I guess it does explain a lot Valerine…!

  3. he hoppped in here frm Vimmuuus blog..
    to start with i lovd th quote, have borrowed it and put it as my status msg :P..(hope u aint annoyed)..
    uve put across a beautiful thought..a topic to be debated within oneself..even i used to think of when i can be the so soft spoken girl to the rest of the world..i can be so cranky at home!

    Thanks for stopping by! And yes, I guess it keeps us sane. I mean, if I were the same everywhere, It’d get pretty boring for me!

  4. Ippo ennaachu? edukku ippadiyellaam feel panren ??? 😉

    Tamil varala na vitranum! [Vadivel style] Ipdilaam kola panna pdaadhu! lol!
    Feel laam panla Vimal Anna, Yoosikiren, avlo dhaan!

  5. “So far”, you are all in deep discussion. Me being a simpleton will just say that it is very interesting how people “mold” around the people they are with. I don’t usually fall prey to that at least so far, but see many many people who do so including my own step son.

    I just be me. Take me as I am.

    It’s great that you are able to keep unique inspite of so many influences Gary!

  6. Dear, you are everything you want to be. Uniqueness can never be borrowed, if you are unique…it shows. For example, the fact that you blog is unique, not because no one else in your family or your vicinity doesn’t blog, but because you choose to express yourself to the world without worrying about whether the world thinks of you as – “Sweet? Innocent?Bitchy?Horrible?Strong?” ..that’s unique. Not everyone can do that, U know…. Uniqueness is how you perceive it.

    Nice blog 🙂

    “Uniqueness is how you perceive it” Well, It sounds like I’m looking too hard huh? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. The Projecting ones images onto others part — eerie, I believe the same

    Though I think we are a collection of these images throughout our life

    Do you know the prase “status quo bias”?
    If not try googling it. Might interest you

  8. Every body gets to see one side of you or the other…Nobody gets to see you in entirety..
    the only person who can actually distill the real you out of all the faces is the one who has seen you all the time….

    And thats…. YOU.

    Well… “so far”!
    And then the circumstances that havent arisen “so far”..

    the only person who can actually distill the real you out of all the faces Why is it that you do not Blog Raj?

  9. Depends on how you define ‘I’ when you say – I changed. I believe in Jung’s thoughts. That we are all born with a set of preferences. If you are aware of MBTI preference type you will know what I am talking about.
    What does change over time is our ‘behaviour’. That is simply the manifest actions that are visible to others. Intent is inside us, behaviour is outside us. So – some things change, some don’t…..

    Welcome to Soulsez Pushkaraj! Yes, I believe Carl Jung said “It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.” 🙂

  10. Hey,it’s true. Even sexuality for that matter. One can be a homosexual in India and yet keep it in the closet for many decades for fear of ostacrisation…

    That is an excellent point Priya. I should write about that too 🙂

  11. i remember arjun faking his accent trying to sound like james hetfield while he said that he who is trying to fake yourselves to be others is a coward.
    weeks later he again spoke about how much acting matters in our lives…
    funny…. all of us do it…..

    This is my baby brother ladies and gentlemen… Commenting on my blog for the first time 🙂
    And how true

    “All of us do it”

    . That’s a very wise statement…

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