Vinod’s status message on Facebook reads “If a person owns a piece of land do they own it all the way down to the core of the earth? I still wonder…”

Now, this got me thinking. You see, when I’m by myself in my place of Zen… (In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, my place of Zen, sadly, happens to be the pot. What?) Where was I… err… yeah – I tend to think too. Here are a few of them:

From Matt


1.       As far as service is concerned, why is it that the pizza I ordered, can reach my house faster than the police/ambulance or fire service?

2.       If a girl dancing ballet is a ballerina, what is the guy called?

3.       If magic can be magical, can a test be a testicle?

4.       Who was the first man who thought “Hmm… let me squeeze the cow’s doodoos and see what happens!”

5.       Wile E. Coyote gets mean- ass contraptions delivered to him… Why the hell can’t he just order takeout?

6.       We point to our wrists when asking for the time… Are we expected to point to our crotches when we ask for the bathroom?

7.       Bread is square isn’t it? Then why is the sandwich meat round?



8.       Why do the commercials always say ‘New’ and ‘Improved’… It can’t be new if it has been improved right?

9.       If a gay king is married, does the country have two kings?

10.   If The Professor in Gilligan’s Island can invent a method for recharging the radio batteries with just coconut shells and bamboo, why couldn’t he repair the hole in the damn boat!

11.   Why do some people wear socks with their sandals? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose?

Have you ever had thoughts like these?

On the pot or off the pot, all of us have asked ourselves such quirky questions… Would love to hear from you! Feel free to post them in the comments!

P.S: Marcus, I know your question is: “When you go to a gynacologist, why does he leave the room when you undress? Isn’t he gonna look at the ‘good stuff’ anyways?”

How do you know so much about a gyno exam?


  1. This is Gary’s wife. That man on the toilet could be Gary, just put a laptop on his lap. He takes his laptop in their too! 🙂

    Hey Paula! I know who you are 🙂 And does he really? talk about tools and stools! I’m so glad you came by!

  2. Interesting questions. I am curious to know just how deep my land goes. Have my carrots, parsnips or tree roots breached my depth boundaries???? Do I own any oil, water or volcanic lava or buried treasure???

    May be you own china as well… who’s to know? 😛

  3. 1. i cannot answer this,but may i add a question?pizzas are given away free if arrived late what about lives??

    2. OOH!!a MR.ballerina ?

    3. opps!!seriously..i demand such a word…ok there exists such a word…:P but for many testicle is magical! lol

    4. and what makes you think it was THOUGHT???

    5. i dint get this… 😦

    6. hahah!!

    7. Bread is square isn’t it? Then why is the sandwich meat round?-i dunno this either!!

    8. and they agree that their earlier versions werent improved…in short they were crap!!and they managed to sell the same to us!!huh?

    9. sure why not!the country must have two kings!!

    10. aargh??why?!

    11. socks in sandals piss me off!

    nice post!congrats for the tangy posts(i am one of them too ;)) the selection was worth it..and thanks for making me appear foolish!!

    but for many testicle is magical! :O ROFL! Congrats on your award!!

  4. room pottu yosippeenglo ??? 😉

    Btw, I thought I read these questions a while ago in some email fwd? were you the one who initiated that mail thread ??? 😀 😀

    Ille ille… Thimirthanama office le vela seiyaama yoosipom!
    :O You did? That’s awful! I’ve sent such ones to my colleagues at work, but that was ages ago!

  5. Yep, NOTHING better than taking a healty one and pondering life’s mysteries. LOL Those are ALL very thought provoking questions Arch! LOL

    lol Gary! Some people whistle, some read magazines, some do crosswords… and me? I think!

  6. I am not going to answer all your questions. I simply can’t!

    Firstly, do we even have a police or ambulance service??(Food for thought!)

    Why would a guy even want to dance in a ballet?(You must be kidding ;))

    Two kings? Or is it two Queens?? (Drag – on!)

    Hi Murali! Welcome to Soulsez!

    I suspect you don’t watch tamil movies. If you did, you would know that the cops are the khaki clad crusaders who come to usher the bad guys into jail – AFTER our hero has beat them black and blue!

    We have several HAWT ballet dancers in the world you know!

    Drag – on! – ROFL!

  7. good ones.. infact there are quite a few books out there with similar questions.. have read couple of em!! no answers tho!! 🙂

    That’s the beauty of ’em eh RT? 😛

  8. hehe! you think a lot 😉 good ones 🙂

    If you had a bright, airy bathroom with pink flowery tiles and matching accessories, so would you… Oh wait. Maybe not! 😛 lol!

  9. hi
    i couldnt resist frm replying to those questions here..hehe!
    SO here goes!

    1)Thts coz the police n ambulance usually come in 4 wheel vehicles whereas the pizza guy usually takes the bike so he can can cut thru the traffic pretty easily.
    3)well a test can be a protest
    4)mr dodo!
    5)Maybe he doesnt have a phone
    6)Thts coz we cant tell the way to the bathroom if we stare at our crotch!
    7)Live Mad cows frm England get squashed to become meat whereas bread gets cut neatly!
    8)Good point.Maybe they should consider putting version numbers instead!
    9)The “kingdom” gets 2 partners
    10)He always knew how to escape frm the island.But thn if he did tht, he would be missing out on all tht quality time to hang out with the girls on tht tropical islamd
    11)maybe their feet r too shy to be seen naked

    Plz dont kick me out!
    it was bart who wrote all this.im innocent!

    Hey Rakesh!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer them man! Or for transcribing Bart’s answers…
    Now I’m curious about the “Shy feet” that you spoke about. Maybe they have witches’ toes… you know those yucky gnarly ones?

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