I’m a Tangy Tuesday Pick!

Woohoo! Blogadda picked Soulsez as one of their Tangy Tuesday Picks!

Check it out by clicking on the picture:

Tangy Tuesday Pick!

Soulsez-Tangy Tuesday Picks!

This is simply Awesome! I’ve been saving my shampoo bottle speech for when I recieve the nobel price for sarcasm.

So I’m gonna take an impromptu swing and let Blogadda know that it is an honor to be named among other great Bloggers! Harish K, thanks for e-mailing me 🙂

Special Hugs and Kisses to all my readers (Except that gentleman at my mom’s office and the hairy guy from the coffee shop)

You made my day Blogadda! 🙂

You also made me a boy… I’m sure my mom would want to thank you – Now my gender befits my ‘tom boyishness’ lol!

Peace Out!


  1. Congrats old girl..and that was nice backrubbing.. though the links were informative…well… I guess we can’t be too picky there… 😀

    Little O from ‘notsaying@here.com’… backrubbing? really? had a few bottles of ‘bear’ have you?

  2. hahah congrats..i found that comment weird too..

    ‘nice post,congrats,well done,please vote for me…’??dont fit in the same frame!!aha?:P

    I know… More like copy pasting… But hey, whatever works for them huh?

  3. Excellent, nice blog. Keep writing. I love this blog. I VOTED FOR YOU in all Categories, I recommend your blog to other friends like Chinafan, Jannis, Knowtrix, Voidaq also. They too Voting for this blog. I hope you will grace me with your precious Vote in all Categories. Just copy this link to your browser

    Weird confused look.Thanks teen_chef_girl. I’ll check the links out… 🙂

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