Saturday comes when I want it to!

‘Where the hell are you?’ demanded a harsh voice over the phone.

‘Who the F***k aaa yew?’ I slurred.

‘Huh? You overslept you cow’ Sounded like nails on a chalk board.

‘Whaazure prablem biAtch?’

‘We had to shop at 6’

‘I’ll be there in an hour’

‘It’s 1.30 in the morning’

‘Oh fish’

That’s how I lost my saturday.

Saturday morning was spent watching Underworld and Without a paddle. I slowly drifted off to sleep mid-afternoon and lost my entire day.

Sunday proved to be a different story though. Thomas and I had plans for a play that Sathish had invited us to. We learned that Sathish wasn’t feeling well and decided that it wasn’t fair for us to watch the play without him.

Missed the Bloggers meet, missed the play and somehow ended up in Funk n Jazz with a carnberry drink…

Cranberry Crush

Cranberry Crush

It being a Sunday, I suggested we go to Church. Thomas decided to take me to one of the oldest churches in the city.

This church was built in 1512!It is also the final resting

LSS Church

LSS Church

priest of one of the kindest and most generous priests, Fr.Joseph.

Darkness had decended upon the cemetary and we stood there looking at the final resting place of man. A stange sense of peace settled into my weary bones. I stood there thinking about all the nameless strangers who helped me in life. How often will I get a chance to thank them? How many times HAVE  I thanked them? Promising myself that I would be greatful for small things in life, we went in search of coffee.

We also got pulled over by cops (He was riding without his helmet and had a cigarette lit up. We were on his motor bike). He talked his way out of it!

Our quest for coffee landed us @ Karma Cafe a quiant little place. Unfortunately they did not have my favorite drink called ‘marijuana’ (Trust me it’s awesome!), so I settled for a regular drink with some amazing Pasta.

Their German Chocolate Surprise was the next best thing to… ahem! I went home laden with food and a brand new T-SHirt that says “Eat Healthy – Stay Fit – Die Anyways”!

Crawling into bed, I began the long night of texting and talking to two of the most important men in my life (BPC and My brother). Once we were all talked out, I cussed Monday and went to sleep.IJ with the virgin... Mojito :P

Little did I know that Monday morning would bring me a pair of pink shoes, afternoon some lovely candles and evening dinner at KFC (Anna Nagar) – Please Oh please try the Sparkling Virgin Mojito!!! Check out Inder on this third refill! I had quite a many too—–>

We were high on chicken and refills of our Mojitos!

Then like all old friends do, we went for a walk (stuffing ourselves with ice creams) and I went to work feeling petty damn good.

That’s the story of how I lost my saturday but found out that I didn’t give a damn  coz with friends like mine, Saturday comes when I want it to!


  1. Hey…nice post… first time here… yu missed all this fun? and boy the sound of pasta makes me feel yummy! and where is this church? looks quite good for a 1512!!…glad knowing yur post..wil keep comin down often..cya around as well :)! bye bye

  2. Wow, that church looks really cool! I would love to check that out sometime if i ever get to India.

    Sounds like you have a great group of friends Arch! One can never have too many good friends. 🙂

  3. This blogz with mixed emotion.. :):) well to say abt the intro hahaa i had a gr8 lauf, i cud picture the scene n ur reaction 2 LOL…

    And these lines wer so melting ”I stood there thinking about all the nameless strangers who helped me in life. How often will I get a chance to thank them? How many times HAVE I thanked them?” Hugss mams…

    ” Check out Inder on this third refill..” Lmao.. before that u might hav missed those 2 buckets.. 1 for inder inonnu for sanga… ovoru piecea pathu sangava miss pannite saptruppan avan…..nice u guys had a meet afta a long tym :):):) its a gr8 blog !!

    Hey Yas! Welcome! Thanks for the taking the time to read and comment even though you hear a personal account of all these stories from me 🙂
    Lol… Inder is not eating much these days. I have to take him to authentic south indian place and check if he is ordering for his meals and pepsi as usual!
    We missed all of you… Hugz!

  4. first time here… nice blog!! gud post too.. btw,wher s this chn? so old a church..havnt heard of!

    Welcome to soulsez Benny! This church is behind St.Isabella’s hospital. Let me ask my friend for directions and let you know. 🙂

  5. u overslept and missed the meet ??? Grrrr…..

    Btw, I wasnt there too 😀

    ROFL! u don’t say! Looks like I’ve missed 2 meets in a row now… Hmm… We really should have more titles. “ditcher’ is kinda loosing it’s kick!

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