White-Knuckled Freefall…

Ok, here’s the thing. Everyone goes through a hard phase in life. It goes by many names: depression,time out, burn out, breakdown etc.

The past month has found me in one of those hard phases in life. Many changes have to be made, realities to be faced, truths to be accepted. Having been a listener and a soldier all this time, it’s no surprise that life has left me with no one to turn to.

How do you turn to people for help when you’ve been their shoulder in similar situations? How do you cry and not listen? How do you cut in and say “I’ve heard enough of your whining, I have some ofΒ  my own”? How do you make people understand that you aren’t avoiding them, just trying to make sense out of your life? How much can you hope for people to realize that you are human too?

Looking back at the past month: “Been busy”, “I’m meeting someone else”, “At work”, “In a meeting”, “On the toilet”, “I was sleeping”, “Taking my dog to the vet” were some of the reasons I spewed on friends who wanted to catch up. I’ve been absolutely free, met no one, not had a meeting in a long while, don’t have a dog and I don’t use my phone in the bathroom.

There were people who decided I was haughty and just plain stopped speaking to me. “You are too busy for us huh?”, ” She must be busy with her ‘other’ friends”, “She’s not here when I need her, what color shirt should I pick now?”, “Whatever, I’m not bothered”

There were also the ones who saw the walls and shamelessly barged in dragging me out kicking and screaming. I owe my sanity and smile to them.

Here areΒ  10 unforgettable moments:

10. The bottled eyed fish says “What’s the point in just being there for the heehee s, I have to be a shoulder too. Come on, what’s going on?”

9. My sister and I go out on a girls’ night out. Too disturbed to enjoy, I drag her to unrelated places that just pop into my head. That night in bed, I get her SMS “I enjoy spending time with you! We should do this more often you know? I love you”

8. Marcus calls from far far away:Β  “My friend will pick you up, you are getting a full day at the spa. Now tell me, is something wrong Boogs?”

“You can’t BUY information from me like that”

“Plan B is coercion – choose wisely”

7. Long ride to my favorite restaurant in the world with my best friend.

6. Mom treads carefully and makes sure she doesn’t leave me alone a lot. We find our way to a play through pouring rain. Quite an adventure.

5. BPC (Haven’t obtained permission to publish his name yet) makes sure that I get a huge hug and we tell each other that we’ll be ok. The plays and movies make us feel a little better. His dandanakka dance made sure we laughed our asses off for sometime, like nothing bad had ever happened…

4. Ashwin notes that I haven’t been eating. I get a call at 1.30 am at work. “Hopey, I’m at your office and I brought food.”

3. Thomas takes me to watch ‘The ugly truth’. It actually helped a little. “You are my best friend and my sister. I can’t see you like this. I need you”, he says. For once, my eyes well up when am not sad.

2. My little brother IMs me in the middle of the night : Arun: wat happened???am so worried about you…
1. The need to get away from people and places and faces drives me to church. The silence irrigates my parched soul and tears finally feel free to run their course… Feeing a tug, I open my eyes… Between my bowed head and my lap is a tiny little fist peppered with my tears, it opens to reveal a small candy bit in half.

As I walk out, the candy tucked in my cheek and the tears back in the vault, there seems to be something different about the night air… Atleast I’m walking now…


  1. Boogs u’ve been gr8.& forget abt people who make every issue abt themselves.Defensive ones who feed only their ego and guilt feelings.
    U don’ve to justify urself. Screw ’em. Dey don give a damn y should u?
    We r proud of u…

    I have told you a million times not to comment when u are drunk! he he he… sheesh! But you are one if the sweetest! muah!

  2. So, what happened? Im worried about you πŸ˜‰

    (Now, make sure you mention about me in the sequel πŸ˜‰ )

    Lol… Apar told me to learn to trust and open up. So next time, it’ll only be a mile long list! Ctrl+F yourself! Buhhahah! πŸ˜›

  3. Take care! Hope you are doing better.
    Just wanna say, sometimes you must know that you should open up. Don’t expect people to look through your walls. You will find that there are those out there who would listen if you talk. Not all are superficial just because they give you your space and don’t barge in! It is not like they don’t want to be your friend and be there for you, want you only when they are in trouble or when they need your help!!! It is not their fault if they believe your well thought out lies about being busy or just trusting you would be upfront. To call you out to shop might just be a way to ask you to spend some time with them!
    Am saying all this because it felt like you are accusing those who you pushed out of your life saying they stayed away/ignored you. Not really fair!!!
    You must realise that if someone says he/she is a friend, it is a mutual thing. Learn to trust others and open up, you may see things differently. Good for you that you have 10 moments you can list! You may have had more had you told at least a few about what you were going through.

    Hey Apar! Nice to see you here after a long time…
    Not everyone is the same. What may work for you, may not work for me. It’s not fair to expect me to be someone I’m not.
    Believe me when I say I wasn’t accusing anyone, least of all you. Just stating the facts. Well thought out lies are a way of letting people know that I needed a time out. Thank you for giving me that πŸ™‚

  4. Ah! rite on top huh….as in its 10 but its still on top cauz u started backwards…..good that u like me being on top!!! πŸ˜› :D……oh yes,the shoulder is there but dont jollu on it too much,little bit – CAN!!! πŸ˜€

    Oh my Gosh! Did you have to pull one out your screeech here? But hey, you came through big time for me buddy! I’ll never forget that you limped all that way with your knee injury to see me… I owe you:) *conditions apply*

  5. Gosh what a emotional blog …! Very meaningful…. Keep going..

    www dot 3smartcubes dot com/ – This site is great if you wana try out tests on IQ, Personality ,Career and Relationship ..

    Thanks Tasneem… and I’ll try out the website sometime πŸ™‚

  6. Ah finally my name’s in your blog!!! Gud Gal Hope :-D!

    lol… Shut up! Very soon, you’ll be in the video too! πŸ™‚

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