Height of Recycling!

I came across a picture in an e-mail forward and it got me nostalgic!

Back in high school we were discussing about a project, that we were supposed to present on Nov 15th: World Recycling Day.


The following conversation is a true. All similarities to people, expressions , stupid ideas and rude gestures are by law of nature. It is designed to offend people whom it is targeted at and if you can’t handle it, go play with your Cinderella glow in the dark pumpkin carriage. The names are changed to protect them from total social ostacrization and widespread pointing and laughing in the street.

Here goes:

Hari  : So back to the topic guys.. what do we do?

Seth  :Recycling day? What do we recycle?

Jigu  :My mom recycles food everyday macha…

Evie : So… tell us already!

Jigu : The chutney I had for breakfast turns into a gravy for dinner! he he

Me    : Evie don’t throw chalk at him, here take my math book. It’s heavier.

Seth :C’mon man, we have to beat the other sections

Hari : Macha I have an idea! recycled condoms!

Dresses made from recycled condoms!

Can't think of an appropriate caption!

All :huh? what?he he he! Condom na yenna? (What’s a condom?) I’ve never seen one before, I think my brother has them, Waaaaccck! Chiiiii!.. etc, etc. Some walk out.

Seth :Wait wait, let’s see what he has to say.

Hari: Ille macha, we can use plastic wrap instead of condom na? My auntie came from America, she brought this saran wrap which she wraps food with.

Seth : Fucken retard!

Jigu : So you’ll collect used ones?

Me   : Retching sound

Hari: What like y’all had better ideas!

Seth: It’ll break you idiot.

Evie : I still don’t know what it is!

Jigu : So you’ll collect used ones and wash them? (bewildered expression)

Hari : ok ok… how about gloves? 5 in one !

All     : (@$%^ #%&^>R@&M&^*^^****$#@#!!?)!!!!

Hari : A genius is never respected in his generation

Evie  : But we don’t know what a condom is!

Lucy: It’s like a sweater for the penis…

All : ROFL!


Evie now an expecting mother. She is 7 months along and has been married for 8 and a half months (arranged marriage ofcourse). Guess she didn’t have sweaters on her shopping list!

Hari works for a medical supply chain (Irony of life! Who knows he might be stealing a couple of latex gloves now and then)

Lucy teaches middle school… Sweaters indeed!


  1. Gosh Archu you are impossible ! How did you managed to remember word by word uttered by your friends when you were in high school ? Anyway the glove stuff was hilarious ! Even more hilarious is that now your friend Evie who did not know the meaning of ‘glove’ way back , is now all day talking about it !

  2. I agree with Gary. You have a fantastic outlook on life and are a very creative person! Those dresses look so retro! Cool~~~

    The feeling is mutual Luisa! Your blog makes my day! 🙂

  3. So this is what you did in school, huh? 😉

    unnayellaam padikka vittadukku naalu thenna maram nattirukalaam !! 😀 😀 😀 (heard this before?? 😉 )

    Lolz… Enga veetleyaavadhu neenga vandhu undha dialogue sollalaam…
    Naan unga veetuku vandhu, “ivara valathadhuku 4 panni vaangi utrukalaam” nu sonna… “Ippo mattum enna seiyroomaa” nu solvaanga!

  4. Hey that was a nice thought at school…
    But should have been brought into reality!!!

    Yeah! It was shot down along with bikini day and bring your smokes to school week! They never wanna try something new! 😦

  5. me: FUCK ! 🙂
    archanajoyce: huh?
    Don’t tell me u read my blog?
    me: Have u watched thoz foreign movies?
    Like Three monkeys or Amelie or Familia..?
    archanajoyce: Amelie ofourse
    Audrey was gorgeous!
    me: U’ll feel good if u com to know that u understand the movie!
    archanajoyce: and I see what u mean
    archanajoyce: yea well xplain no more… I know xactly what ur gonna say
    me: U speak the same English that I do!! Hi5
    archanajoyce: But what would be really special if y’all leave like a couple of words there…
    Just coz I cussed? Well my next post has the word “dick” in it… so you are welcome to visit again!
    me: Hugf!
    me: Thats an offer that I cant refuse! Let me kno once its done.! U’ll see my comments! Sanga mela Sathyam!

    ROFL! But copy pasting an earlier conversation does not count JAY!

  6. “Guess she didn’t have sweaters on her shopping list! ” –

    heights of ur soulsez 😛


    Shannu ma! Welcome to soulsez! Hugz! It makes my day when u guys visit!

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