Kollywood Kisukisu!

Vijayakanth doesn’t carry a gun . He bounces bullets off his chest. He is currently training to bounce off surface to air missiles while free falling from a military chopper.

Rajkiran was fired from a construction job because he  bent a 10 inch thick steel cylinder by accidentally grazing it across his thigh.

Vijay ‘s house does not have doors. He just welds a ‘Vijay Shaped hole” wherever with his blowtorch. His house and his head are being checked for leaks.

Major Sundarajan has posthumously been awarded a national award for best Tamil actor in a film. He won the best English actor for the same film. Ajith Kumar announced this during the inaugural ceremony of his next movie ‘Konjam Dullah’. Speaking in the ceremony, he said ‘The idea for this movie came to me when I was shooting for ‘Billa‘. Wearing shades indoors and outdoors in the movie gave me this brilliant idea.”

TR has declined the offer to teach English Voice and Accent in a reputed MNC in Chennai. Sources say that he is busy shooting with a song with Lil-Wayne called TR Pain.

Here is his audition tape: (Watch from 00.17  to 01.02 , sorry I couldn’t get a better quality)

Stay tuned for the next post “Chuck Norris – Top10!”

P.S: This is a post dedicated exclusively for tamil readers, if you haven’t figured it out by now! 😛


  1. shocking news it was to hear from the closer sources? Really, this is turning to be the worst amongst all of affairs. Prabhu Deva, father of three children (Recently one passed away) is in love with Nayanthara, the leading actress. That sounds quite absurd but you’ve got to believe. Although it was earlier considered to be rumors, certain channels of outside Tamil Nadu have confirmed it. And of course, tomorrow morning you’ll find this one on the headlines of all newspapers.

    Sources have again revealed that concern has been shown from both of the sides and soon divorce will be done between bonded relationships.

    Now Prabhu Deva has fled to unknown place stating that he has some works on Hindi project. Meanwhile Nayan too is missing in town and seems to have gone for abroad. This has evoked yet more on this issue.

  2. LMAO…!! TR pain, vijay holes, ajith dullah, raj thighs…..highlights of tamil cinemas…..! !

    Yeah… we’ve had many many great moments too!

  3. Hehehe this is no nice sis, i love it so much and i miss tamil movies….. very nice

    Hey thanks Yash! Keep Visiting now and then eh? 🙂

  4. I think I understood one word – ‘Wonderful’ – but I could wrong. But no matter – it was fun. The dancing was…well…inspired?

    ROFL! Everytime I see it, I’m in danger of falling off my chair! lol!

  5. sathiyama sema siripu…. TR than best:)…time iruntha..check in youtube as mokai thirukural…Mr.TR has spoken abt thirukural in a innovative way:)..he says every baby born utters aaa aaaaa and thats tamil only..:D damn that idiot karadi!..hey how do i follow yuuuuuuuuu!

    Thanks a bunch! Glad I could make you laugh! You can use google reader to follow me and all the other blogs that you like! 🙂

  6. Search for JITHAN RAMESH Oscar winning English performance from the film MADHU..

    Susi Ganeshan gets the ALPA AASA APPASAAMY award for his stellar cameo performance in KANDASAAMY… He has received Proposals from VANESSEA ANNE HUDGENS, HAYDEN PANETTIERE and his inbox is flooding with msgs

    SIMBHU declined acting courses to OSCAR AWARD WINNERS because ENAKKU NADIKKA THERIYAADHUnga.. Says a visibly upset SIMBHU, “My father camera rolling, start acting, i act.. Cut saying, I cut” So you can SHUT concludes our reporter…

    lol! I can imagine that whole thing in tamil! lol! Thanks for visiting Karthik!

  7. Cannot stop laughing at all these stupid stunts by Kollywodd heroes. Including couple of Vijay jokes in Tamil which that guy does not seem to be getting at all.

    விஜய் : சார் என் பொண்டாட்டி என்ன விட்டு ஓடி போய்ட்டா…
    போலீஸ் : விடுங்க தம்பி உங்க படம் தான் ஓடல உங்க பொண்டாட்டியாவது ஓடட்டும் …
    விஜய் : ?????
    Finally our Indian Doctors found medicine for SWINE FLU. The Medicine is “VIJAY Film”. கொய்யால மனுசனே சாகுறான்.. தம்மாதுண்டு வைரஸ் சாகதா??

    lol! Just a humorous take on some of our heroes. Don’t forget to visit again. Next week some of the best moments in Tamil cinema!

  8. ROFL!!! I had seen all these before. but it was worth watching again 😀 😀 😀 😀

    vecheerukken..naan vecheeruken ….chey, wonder how this got missed for the oscars !

    I just needed to give them a permanent residence in my blog hall of “believe it or not it’s f’in true!”

    watching it again… That guy’s dance and TR ooda lyrics “slimaaga idupa naanum vecheeruken ROFLMFAO!

  9. You just couldnt leave vijay outta dis could u??? 😀

    haha poli doctor? Never!
    No hard feelings! It’s just for laughs… (Mind Vaaice: Vandhutaaayaa Vandhutaayaa!)

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