Wear Helmets!!

How many of us wear helmets when we ride our bikes?

There was a phase where not wearing helmets was ‘cool’. Some of the common excuses were ‘It suffocates me’, ‘Am going bald here!’, ‘I can’t hear the other vehicles on the road’,’My brain stopped growing’ (We came up with the last one) lol!

Now, there are a lot of incidences that slap us on the face and ask us to take this safety precaution. Like the time I flew off the back of a bike, doing 100 kms/hr, bounced over a divider/median and landed in front of an oncoming  car on the other side of the road. No helmet – head trauma, lost huge chunks of hair and told that my Halloween costume was so cool!

Here is a more recent one:

A few weeks back, Priyan decides to catch up with some friends. He rolls his bike out and starts it. Now it’s a well established fact that Priyan does not wear a helmet. Despite being pulled over by cops, he just never seems to like wearing one. Now, our daredevil, gets this gut feeling… an instinct that prompts him to wear a helmet this particular day. There he is cruising down the street when all of a sudden there is a smarting pain on his neck. He slows down the bike to check it out. To his horror he realizes that what he is choking on is a kite string (Maanja Nool). Please remember that here, the kite strings are coated with deadly components to give it strength and durability. This string is coated with a paste made with dough, ground glass and what not.

It quickly cuts through his helmet and is starting to gnaw at his throat. Eyes widening with pain, he lunges for the string and manages to pull it off his throat severly damaging his pinky.

“A piece of flesh flew off the pinky” he says

“So what did you do?” We ask, throats parching with anxiety.

“I caught it, put it in my pocket and rode to the hospital. I have no idea how I did it” He explains.

He lost a lot of blood and gained 8 stitches on his finger.

“I keep thinking what would have happened had I not heeded my instinct” he says, obviously thankful for the helmet.

National level statistics showed that 71.4 per cent of head trauma victims were two-wheeler riders and below 40 years. And Dr.Ganpathy, leading Neurosurgeon in India, claims “In my 30 years’ experience I have come across only two patients who died despite wearing helmets. Even advanced intensive medical therapy and skilled neurosurgery cannot correct severe irreversible brain injuries”

People, this is a message that comes as a reult of personal experiences:

It’s cool to wear a helmet… Totally uncool to wear your best suit to be buried in.

I’d rather wear a helmet than an arm cast or worse a catheter.

Here are some tips to make helmet wearing more fun:

Get your friends together and wear helmets of the same design, like a crew.

Customize your helmet with stickers and symbols that mean something to you. (You can get anything from “If you can read this, back the **** up!” to “Paddle faster, I hear banjo music”)

Get your helmet signed by from your friends/family – It’s unique and super cool!

Buy different bandannas and wear them across your face… Something symbolic and catchy. From skeleton masks to pink flowers, you can project a different mood each day!

Gift helmets with personal touches. They’ll get the message! 🙂

If you have more cool ideas do leave them in the comments section!

Remember, for some, there is heaven, for the rest of us, there are helmets!


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  2. No when I was a kid we did not have helmets, you fell off and banged you head you learned that it hurt and you did not do it again!, however now as an adult a wally hat is enough to keep me of a bile now

  3. hey archie,

    I found helmets help in more ways than one.

    – Keeps the dirt and grime off the face to some extent.
    – You do something embarassing..and have no worries if your face is seen.
    – Works as a handsfree

    I am sure we all can add on so much more.. People got to be really dump if they dont wear helmets..
    All the best to Priyan (no, I dont know him, but then he is your friend)

  4. Holy Crap! The kite string fro hell!! That’s insane. Here in Bangalore, we just have rocks and boulders being thrown at people, but never kite strings! 😀

    Yay I’m back! 😀

  5. Hi well I don’t think there is anything like cool or uncool about wearing and not wearing helmets! In fact with a helmet on a guy can look much cooler and hot while riding a bike.. I don’t know why we think so much about people and their views than our own safety . I hope your friend recovers fast 🙂
    Racing Cars Or a Cautious Driver?- Driving is a fun or a necessity!

  6. In Britain it became compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle in 1973. There is still no such compulsion for bicycle riders despite their flaunting of road laws – driving through red lights, leaping on and off of the sidewalk etc. Worse still – in civil law – if a bicycle is in collision with a car, the car driver is automatically at fault. I keep well away from them.

  7. People need to start taking responsibility. And the law needs to be enforced more strictly. I think both helmets and seatbelts (in the case of cars) should be made compulsory and people should be shown actual videos of what can happen in accidents. Or even speak to survivors with injuries. That’s the only way it’s going to have impact. Unless of course, they experience it themselves…by when for some people it can be too late.

  8. When I hear of helmet I get reminded of the watermelon ad on tv – how the watermelon without helmet bumps against the floor and breaks unlike the one with helmet. Thanks for spreading the message!


  10. My friends and I used to do A LOT of mountain biking and street riding when I was younger. None of us every wore helmets because….well….it wasn’t cool. Thankfully, NONE of us ever got seriously injured but looking back, that was really STUPID of ALL of us. We all should have been wearing helmets!!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he has a fast recovery! 😀

  11. This is something which should be done in first priority when in bikes. Wonder why people need to the taught about this and forced to do this by cops.
    While learning to ride itself and during driving tests it should be made mandatory. If one is used to wearing a helmet, then by instinct he will wear it whenever he is on a bike.

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