I’m still here!

This is in reply to all the hate mail I have been receiving in the likes of “Where the **** are you?” and “To the lady with the dead blog…”


So what have I been doing?

I met someone… Was confused about my feelings for him… Fell madly in love… Moved to another country so we could live in the same city… Found a job there… Stayed with a lovely friend… Moved out… Moved again… Found new friends in his cousins… Camped… walked… was scared out of  my mind… Went on picnics… played in Toys R Us for hours… Swam (or tried not to drown)… Ran… Flew back home… Flew into Dubai again… MAN I HAVE BEEN BUSY!

So I’m here… and I will write… Need some time to gain control… It has been an emotional roller coaster (I know it is a menopausal statement… anyways…He he he)!

Current Status: In love, Busy, No access to internet and feeling extremely blessed.

E-mail me if you want to see our pictures… CIAO!

P.S: I miss reading  your blogs and commenting… but that doesn’t mean I treasure you all any less!

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