I have a message…

I have a message – for a man who means the world to me.

This post goes out to him… He who came from a distant land and swept me off my feet…

To someone who always seeks me out in a crowd and calms me down with his smile… Who would walk for an hour in the freezing rain just to say hi and walk back again… Who I learnt to love, respect and miss more than I ever imagined possible…

To a man who is all man… Steadfast in love, loyal to a fault and anchored to his family…

To a piece that brought my picture to life…

To the boy in him,  to the loving son, the loyal friend and the protective brother, to the man I’m in love with… I have a message…

Happy Birthday!


  1. Nice message Arch. Shows how much you love Ji. I pray to god to shower all his grace upon you both.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MY DEAR PRADHEE. I’ll give 100 (more) years to live.

  2. Hey Bro,
    Wish you a fantabulous B’day..
    We have not met each other…but I kno for sure that Archie is very happy wid U..I ve seen ur pics and u guys really make a great pair..God Bless you both..

  3. Hey !! Happy birthday you!! Btw, my son has a bone to pick with you. Have told Archie about it all 🙂 Beware is all I can say!
    Have a great great day! You made a wonderful choice in the person you want to share your life with…which says you are smart! 😀

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