It has been five months since I left home to build a life in a different country. Don’t you think it’s about time I wrote something about it? Here goes…

Sharjah was a lonely place for me once I moved out of my best friend’s house. I missed home too much. For the first time in my life, I was crying myself to sleep every day. Office was a refuge where I met different people, different nationalities, some tolerant others indifferent, but people all the same. My only comfort was Pratheesh coming to meet me every day. He had to walk for close to an hour and a half and spend an equal amount of time on a bus… But he never failed to come. Every day… one day in the pouring rain, one day in the sweltering heat of the desert. Every day… my saving grace.

The move to Dubai was both smart and economic. Taxis were getting really expensive in Sharjah and there wasn’t any other way to get to office. Now, in Dubai a ‘car lift’ service, more like a car pool, costs me half the money. Staying in Dubai has a definite advantage. Not only do I get to meet Pratheesh every day, I meet his brother – in – law every weekend as well.  Joy Chetan seems more like a friend than a relative. His gentle assurance that everything will be ok, his dedication towards his family, his steadfast values and his non-invasive character make him a good role model. It’s also nice to hang out with Rajesh Chetan who always has a joke up in sleeve and has me in splits!

Pravi Chet and his family are wonderful people and I miss talking to Rency since I moved out. But, they are a little far away and yet we try to get together once a month.

The U.A.E, though comfortable, clean and expensive, can never be home… I miss the smell of filter coffee in the morning, books, the vendors hawking, the phone ringing non-stop, hurried plans, leisurely weekends, books, midnight chats with mom and cold war with bro… Monday blues, books, drive by the beach, road trips, practical jokes, concerts, plays, kids on the street, motor bikes, road rage, books, blogging, TV Shows, dinner with friends, Did I mention Books?

People too… Shopping with mom, Church with grandma, raging at Arun (younger brother), movies with Thomas (My best friend), catching up with Anu, FRIENDS marathon with Ashwin, hanging out with the gang (Gomz, Shannu, Jay, Yas, Kalps, Inder , Sang etc), Potluck with THE gang (the blogger gang, you guys are too many to list – check out my blog roll!), chatting with friends abroad…

However, Dubai is where I live now. Though this is not home, the people here try to make up for all the love and friendship I left behind. Rency and Prabhu Anna, Joy Chetan and Rajesh Chetan, Pravi Chetan and Jini Chetathi, Ajayan Chetan and Nisha, Francis Uncle and Molly Aunty, my lovelies Roxanna and Ponnus – You have helped thaw me out…you did it with grace and I am grateful beyond words for it.

Pratheesha… I must be insane to love you so much, but love is the only sanity left in the world, isn’t it?


  1. Sound of Activa around 6.00 am in Balaji Nagar still give jolt cant believe it is already 5 months since u left.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Kalakkara Archu. It seems you started loving Thufai (that’s how we call Dubai) Nice to hear about me (us!) in Ur blog. Bt can I expect to write as Rejee chettan in future? The way everyone call me?
    You and Prathee made us wait for each weekend (with my cap and those naughty sunglasses ha ha ha)


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