Echoes (Chapter 1)

Saroja couldn’t help noticing his powerful forearms as he put out his hand to accept the cigarettes that she offered him. Like jackhammers, perfectly chiseled, power rippling through his shoulders as he picked up an old military issue canvas bag. Saroja shuddered, hands flying to her stomach. There was something about this guy; Man… all man. She sighed. The one she couldn’t have. She turned around and sashayed to her spot behind the boiler at Gibbu Kuttan’s tea shop. Her usual perch, from where she casually flirted with customers who hoped she could fit them into her rather busy twilight schedule.

He placed the bag at his feet and lit up the Malbaro Lights. The old sleek silver Zippo was the only luxury he would allow himself. At 5 foot 9 inches and a little bulk around his waist, he would pass for an average youth. But average was the last word you would use once you’ve watched him. He walked with the grace of a jaguar, every step balancing his bulk in perfect rhythm. His eyes, pools of liquid gold, shimmered as he let them take in the narrow lane once. Once was enough. Nothing escaped his observation. Nothing escaped John Hunai.

20 minutes into his walk, perching on a milestone,  he casually scraped the toe end of his shoe, the ancient authentic wooden Swiss knife scraping away traces of dark maroon, traces of Muthu Kumar – Entrepreneur, A-Lister, Leech…


  1. Hello,

    Very nice! I’m waiting for the next one too. 🙂 I happened to go through your blog a couple of days back and was impressed. Let me get straight to the point. We have a forum at exclusively for Chennai-ites where we discuss various issues pertaining to Chennai and the nation. I think it would be great if you join us and take part in the debates. It would add a whole new class to the discussions.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hallo,
    This is very nice. I am waiting for the next one. I read your blog always but do not comment because of no time. Sometime I do not understand your language. It is very nice. Please put next chapter soon.My friends also wait.
    Your fan,
    Naren Vividh

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