We Rise

The Delhi Rape case has barely faded from the news much less our minds. Here we have more women reporting heinous crimes (Ref: 15-year-old gang-raped in Bengal , Father held for sexual assault on six-year-old daughter ). As a nation we seem to be on a roll here. Wait… we always have been.

One thing commendable is the fact that many women speak out these days. The wife of the 36 old paedophile stated that she was afraid of social stigma and that kept her from reporting the crime for a few days. She found the strength to rise. The older generation cannot be expected to come to terms with the ‘Taboo’ subjects such as Child Abuse and Rape as quickly. Kasturi (58) was embarrassed over being questioned about her son’s whereabouts in connection to the abuse of a child. She was humiliated and chose to end her life. The case is still open and her son has not been convicted or booked. She just couldn’t bear the stigma.

Our country is struggling with the birthing of a generation.  There are so many walls to be taken down; it doesn’t look even the tinitest bit possible. A country in transition is like a ship in rough water. She is overwhelmed by waves. Look at us as a nation… There were protests for Women’s safety; there were protests for Vishwaroopam… No matter what the issue is, if we believe in something strong enough… we are a people who rise.

We rise as one when India plays International cricket, we rise as one when onion prices soar. We rise on Republic day; we rise on the day before Gandhi Jayanti. We rise when statues are moved, we rise when Rajinikanth Sir’s movie releases. We came together on Durga Pooja, we came together after Tsunami.

We are social beings… and the society cannot be exclusive. Exclusivity is for cults and a cult is not the building block of humanity; society is. A society will have to be inclusive. Every individual should have a voice before a collective consensus can be reached. Neither should violence be a means of asserting dominance nor the only way to raise a plea.

There is one more sustained rising in order, which when happens will take the world by storm. It will make people sit up and take notice… We shall rise as one and stare down the barrel of violence; Violence against women is violence against humanity. People will know that they cannot just get away with violence anymore. They cannot refuse people what is rightfully theirs. Man, woman or child, everyone deserves to live with dignity and respect.  When one by one the victimised join in, there will come a point where they cannot be ignored.

Today we rise so that tomorrow we will be heard. In our own small way, for the benefit of all hu


manity… as women we rise. We hold the miracle of life in our wombs, we hold the mystery of birth in our veins… We are harbingers of the generations. A child who is exposed to weak women grows up thinking it is ok to oppress wea

k members of the society. When a mother is a mute spectator of violence the children grow up with courage to act viol

ently, or be a victim him/herself.

I’m rising to say it is not ok to wrong me. I know you. The world will bring you your due. Yes, you whose guilty heart just twitched, I know you. You cannot hurt me, my family, my friends, and my nation. The men and women of my family will rise up to defend me , and I – them.

We Rise. You… who wrong me… You should know – We Rise.


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