Are you dating a Serial Killer?

Your date sweeps you off your feet by showing up at your doorstep at half past eleven and asks you out for a long drive. Given that the large SUV or Van may not be very comfortable, just look at this as a late night adventure! Sure you find yourself waiting for half an hour at a 24 hour diner 50 miles out of town for your boyfriend who has taken the van out back to park. Boy what an adventure… especially because your boyfriend is worth the wait. Treats you like a queen and you never go to the same diner twice!
He always picks you up and prefers spending time alone with you. He insists on giving you his full attention, so it is just him and you. Your boyfriend is sweet enough to take you to the fair though. You even get a chance to walk home by yourself after a date to collect your thoughts. Your boyfriend is the best; he is not at all irritable or moody on the way back from a weekend out of town. Tired but definitely elated!
You often get small trinkets as gifts and never ask him why (Oh wait! that’s a serial ra.. well moving along). He even helped look for your lost puppy and comforted you when your room mate went missing from the gym.
Happy, cheerful and a disposition to strike up conversation with strangers are what make you unique to him. You can leave him sulking in a corner booth while you talk to people in the coffee queue and enquire about their habits and home. The dried marinara stains in his shirt that you throw in the laundry do not bother you. So… we all spill.
You love scented candles and exotic incense sticks. You think it is simply adorable that your boyfriend’s house is full of them. You don’t mind that there is a landfill nearby and sometimes the breeze can bring an unholy stench. Nothing can dampen your day!
He loves gardening and you enjoy bright sunny days when you can help him dig compost pits.
You have forwarded this post to all your friends because you have forgotten what the title says and are super excited about the content so far.

You have the emotional intelligence of a petri dish and you are dating a serial killer.


  1. If my date picked me up at 11:30 pm in a van, to take me to a remote diner, where he disappears for 30 min out back while “parking” I would need no further evidence. Does no one pay attention to the little alarm that many consider good sense?
    🙂 Great story!

  2. Please consider me ‘Veteran’. I started my first blog in Blogspot(when it was still with Microsoft) in 2003. Later, when liked the wordpress look and feel simplicity, I migrated in 2009. But still, I am not worth to be called ‘Veteran’ as almost 4 years of active blogging and I conjured just 200+ posts. In that sense, you are veteran to me, Applause 🙂

  3. Woww, You writing is so fluid and irresistable. Good makeover and finish. Though the title says it all, the flow takes you to a different level and THUD!!, Look at the ‘Title’ Sillies..

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