Message from Beyond…

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap

Dear Reader,

Hope you are doing well.

By the time you read this, the tulips planted on my grave will probably be dead. Feel freeto replant them. If you can pitch some money for a few rose bushes as well I would be glad.

My name is Posta L’Ter , I belong to the great family the L’Ters. In my time it was a great honor to belong to the L’Ter family. We ruled the cities and suburbs alike. We were always accompanied by uniformed escorts. People used to gather outside their houses to receive us. The Famille des L’ters  descended from The Royal Family of The Mails of Communesbrugh. You used to see our royal cousins De Cards gracing functions and social events. They always dressed in bright colors, wore expensive coats and their visits were treasured for eons.

Our extended family by marriage were the T. Grams and sons. They were our foot soldiers if you will; running around checking up on people now and then. Courtesy was not their strongest suit. People often lamented over their insensitivity and we would soon follow hoping to soothe their hearts.

We existed with dignity, pomp and splendor. We took great pride in our customs.

Our reign did come to an end. Our great land was invaded by the Netisans. An unforgiving people they were. Their conquests were brutal, taking over by completely destroying the enemy. Few of us escaped and still managed to survive. Some traitors however defected to the enemy. They married into the Netisans and called themselves E. Mails. They were non-conformists, rejecting tradition, deeper and deeper they sank into a muck of identity crisis, getting on with the world and pure disrespect for the people they visited.

They did not bother to speak to people anymore, rather they just chatted, pinged, poked and posted in a devil-may-care way. They turned people away from the joy of receiving our royal personages, treasuring us and our memories forever. They have invented random alphabet clusters that at first don’t seem to mean anything, like they are threatened with a stint in the dungeons if they use vowels.

The golden era seems to be buried right here with me. The last of the royal MS. Ellie Graph of India was buried here this week at the ripe old age of 160. You may think I’m a bitter, pompous old twit for going on about things bygone. We ought to pave way for innovation no doubt, but a present that is built on the ashes of the past will never attain the true glory that the future could’ve had.

 There is one more thing I would like to tell the youth of today from beyond the grave… Pull up your pants if they get any lower they would be called ‘socks’; and ladies, the skirts you wear today were called ‘belts’ in my time. 

 Yours Respectfully,

MS. Posta L’Ter

Dilapidated Grave No 2

Golden Era Cemetery


  1. Can I just say that this is absolutely genius! The content, the message, the idea … so clever. But the writing, your writing is brilliant. Your voice is so strong and captivating. You certainly have an exceptional way with words!

  2. I love this! You do realise though that with all the problems of cyber-crime and people accessing other peoples computers we will probably find the letter coming back into use by the security services!

  3. It’s not over yet! I will always write letters, I think they’re romantic and a lovely thing to stumble upon years later. Trawling through our old email archive just won’t be the same…

    1. Thank You geanbean

      ! Looking forward to reading your posts…
      Jacob, terry, AncesTrees, hispromiseistrue , Gitanjali Singh Cherian, ldub81, awax1217 , bongcomb , besoil , Shumaila Taher, White Pearl segmation

        – Thank you for your visiting and taking the time to comment… I’m glad you liked this post oh what the hell, big hugs all round some and get it!

        MasterMind secret of Law of Attraction

      – Thank you for encouraging me. Poetry has never been my strong suite, but one can try eh?

      – We cannot deny the power of e-mails! I totally agree with you. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em and mess up their servers!


        – It’s like magic right? Will it fall off? Will it fall off? No it doesn’t! Round of applause please…
        franhunne4u – Oh we love cards and letters  Though I must say we are a precious few…

        Kami Tilby

        – I’ll drink to those memories, I will…


      – I envy the recipient! The smile on their face when they find your letter in the mail box…

  4. Hehe what fun! I dropped a letter in the mail yesterday crossing my fingers that it’d make it safely. There’s something nostalgic about waiting and hoping in this digital age!

  5. Cleverly done! I miss those good ol’ days myself. Excitement followed along when I checked the mailbox, looking over my shoulder for personal correspondence, thank you cards, letters, hand-addressed missives, a licked stamp, a handwritten return address. Sigh… Rest in Peace my friend, rest in peace.

  6. I loved you ingenuity, your puns and double meanings. Great imagination and well thought out. I also write work that is close to the way you write but not as well as you. Did I scratch your ego and pat your back. I meant to and mean it.

  7. There are even some postcard-writers left – and a few new ones growing up in hideouts – just look here (whisper:)
    I was astonished to find that more younger people keep up the art of sending cards than people from my own, sentimental age.

  8. Damn! Loved it! Great play on words. great play on how this society seems to be changing for the worse sometimes. and yes those pants are not meant to be worn around the bottom of the butt cheek.

  9. hmmm…what a wonderful tribute and rebuke! god, i admit, i miss hand written letters …there was so much meaning in everything – aaah but i’ve learned to befriend emails now – they speak less but am happy that atleast there is something like an exchange left!
    congrats on being freshly pressed.

  10. Hi … what a lovely ode to the letter … why don’t you write a poem on it. You have a good writing style.

  11. Oh dear, I read till half of it, stuck something on mind, read again and then got the play of words. I could have waited till last para in the first shot :), awesome !!

  12. Good sense of creativity .. You played with the words perfectly !!! Well-written. I am part of CBC’s initiative to revive the letter writing habit, you too can be part of it by sending / writing letters to us and we ll send back one. By that we will create a chain of letters and it ll start flowing 🙂

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