Mind your Language – A sneak peek into my workday!

Teaching ESL is very exciting especially if you are working in a culturally diverse country like UAE. Every single batch of students I train is a unique mixture of countries, races, beliefs, traditions, superstition etc…

Many a times I can relate this to some snippets from the show Mind your Language. Aired in the 70’s Mind your Language centres around an ESL class taught by a passionate teacher Mr.Jeremy Brown and his class room full of  of misfits!

Here are some dialogues from the series. Have a taste of what my days are like:

JB:           M, the opposite of Anti-Meridian is not Uncle-Meridian but Post-Meridian… G, your answer to the question ‘write a sentence using ‘a metaphor’ was unbelievable.

G:             But I did write a sentence using a metaphor!

JB:           Oh yes, last night I phoned my girlfriend and I met-a-phor-a drink.

JB:           A sextet has absolutely nothing to do with an orgy.

JC:           You wrong. Last week I see a film – Swedish Sextets

JB:           Never mind what you saw a sextet means six people

JC:           Si, like in the film, there were six big Swedish girls….

JB:           [looking at the homework answers] S, a sorcerer is a wizard, not something you put a cup on. G, the correct word to describe a relative by marriage is an in-law, not an outlaw… an outlaw is a bandit

G:            Well, so is my brother – in – law!


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