sex vijay poope

Bloggers of the universe… we all know that regardless of the platforms we use, our blogs give a list of Search Engine Terms that readers used in their process of discovering our blogs. We’ve seen the usual key words on our post titles and then some. This one takes the cake.

sex vijay poope

I’m from India and recently wrote a movie review about a movie starring Vijay (pronounced VJ) a Tamil Actor. He is a master of dance, action, stealing girl’s hearts and practically an all round sensation. Did I mention he always always wins – like Bruce Willis…

Vijay… he’s coming for you weirdo and no he will not poop for you!

Now this individual searching for sex vijay poope, apparently thinks that Vijay has some sex appeal. However I fail to understand how poope figures into the equation.

Is this some kind of fantasy? Somehow I can never imagine saying ‘bowel movements and love making’ in the same sentence, let alone Google it. There was this episode on Oprah where a celeb stated that they had cast their child’s first poop in bronze or some metal. Does anyone remember that episode? The absurdity of it must have burnt the image into my brain. But this is so beyond the line that the line looks like a dot to me.

What hurts me most about it is… I’ve written about sex, vijay and poope in my blog. It took a crazy person to show me that.

How about you? What was the craziest, weirdest search term that landed someone on your blog?

Photo Courtesy: Courtesy: vellapanti dot org


  1. The search terms that lead people to my blogs crack me up. There was a few weeks a while back, when the highest amount of hits I got for a blog – that I had given a lot of thought to crafting entertaining writing for – was ‘Alexander Skarsgård abs” – not even flipping all of him, just his abs! I was a bit put out.

  2. I have never had this much strange searches (may be they are in the thousands of unknown search items :D)

    But the most popular search item for my blog was “rachana narayanankutty divorce” and it made me realize that people are more interested in celebrity divorces (The divorce was related to another two characters in the movie’s story)

    1. I take it you are not a fan. I think that people like us are very less in number and should remain underground 😉

      Sure, they may be tons of qualities that make people crazy about him. They can get pretty violent if you say ‘I’m not that into him’ 😦

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