Acceptance Speech of Sorts and Award nominations

Brushed teeth, checked eyes for mascara goop, sniffed underarms, adjusted pants to hide fugly mushroom top, brushed unruly hair…
Drum roll, cue awesome achievement music, oh wait I think my toast is on fire…

Dragging my feet back in front of the mirror, I pick up my hair brush and has my husband been using my hairbrush? MY hairbrush?

See why I’ve been late in thanking two lovely friends for deeming me worthy of blog awards?

First, from lyfbeckons : The Liebster Award (October 4, 2013)

Lyfbeckons was kind enough to nominate me for The Liebster Award. Lyfbeckons is a fairly new blogger.
His post titled ‘Life on the streets – A bitter reality’ is a compelling account of his interaction with a family living on the streets of Ahmedabad, India. I look forward to read more posts from him.


From Priya our sugarfreesweetheart : The WordPress Family Award (October 17, 2013)

sugarfreesweetheart is a gorgeous, brilliantly illustrated food blog that is simply unique. She brings excitement, innovation and fun to food blogging. I’m thrilled to recieve her name banner – hand painted from scratch. It made my eyes well up, how did she know I was a sucker for hand written, painted, hand made stuff?!



Now for the nominations:

1. The Liebster Award :

You can call it Favorite Blog Award, as “Liebster” is a German word for beloved, or dearest. However, there is neither competition nor a jury. And the award goes to…

Chennai Photo Walk: 

‘Home is where the heart is’ and I’ve left a big chunk of it in Chennai, India. This blog captured everyday images from around Chennai. It is special to me as it brings me a taste of home everyday. Hence this award goes to them.

Packed in India:

Absolutely adorable blog. The blog is about “Curating Indian packaging design”. It highlights unique, eco-friendly, quirky, traditional and innovative packing designs in India. Very interesting indeed.

Dorinda at Lakeside India:

Dorinda’s passion for nature, local art and culture makes her blog interesting. An expatriate couple in the Indian countryside will have faced plenty of hurdles. I like her spirit 🙂

2. The WordPress Family Award:

The wordpress family award… hmmm… I would love to turn right back and hand one to Priya. But that would be corny. I’m going to pass this award to some cherished bloggers:

Amit at Mashed Musings: 

Amit is a powerful blogger who can weave dreams and present stark reality with ease. A Gandalf of blogging, this wizard’s Open letter to all the molesters and rapists is one of my all time favorite posts. His posts can be funny too and has had me rolling with laughter.
The reason for this nomination is that Amit is my blog mentor. I can put up something totally crappy or crazy and he right there to nudge me along. Thank you Amit for being a part of my WordPress Family.

Jenna at daffodils and dishwater:

Jenna’s writes straight from the heart. It is difficult to pin this blog to a particular category. Book reviews, off beat articles and down right funny stuff. Jenna has always and I mean ALWAYS something kind to say to a fellow blogger and make you smile. You are a wonderful soul!

Jessie Veeder and The Veeder Ranch:

Daily photos from the Veeder Ranch is something to look forward to. Jessie’s blog is a wonderful way to experience the beauty of her ranch through the photos. Changing seasons, the animals and her beautiful family… it is like you already know them all (not in a creepy way).
I’ve always loved animals and this blog reminds me of what a wonderful world we live in.

Congratulations you all  ‘Beers and Cheers all around’!

If you just happen to have time to read – The Liebster Award comes with a set of questions I have to answer and make the nominees answer as well. Nominees – if you don’t answer these questions they’ll probably send dragons after you or something so… (more…)

Raining Colours

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where you talk a million syllables of silence, where there is a profound meaning to a leaf drifting in the wind; where every second takes on an divine mission; And in a neon moment, the banal act of the spider lunching, mutates to a tale of survival, instinct and the way things are…

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where your intellect craves like a hungry child for a bosom, where there is a dearth of opulence in the crowd around you.

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where you repress the urge to break into fragments, where you find yourself alone in a crowd…And in a flash of wisdom you see everything blazing sulphur brilliance-It’s raining colours…

You were saying?

This blog seems to have slumbered enough.

As I write this, one of life’s infinite wisdom has stirred me deeply…

“Whoever gossips about you, eventually gossips about the other person and how they reacted to news about you”

Do you feel that people are constantly talking behind your back and you haven’t had the slightest chance of defending yourself? Do you feel that people don’t give you a fair chance to talk about your side of the story? Do you think they feel that they are afraid about what ugly truths they will unearth if they hear from you?

A gossiper’s brain has always been pictured as a labyrinth of dark avenues, with faded tributes to people’s embarrassing moments in washed out colors… But lately I realized that a gossiper is really not that high on the IQ monitor. The routines are pretty straight forward. I have so far researched and observed

Routine A

  • Gossips about Person A to Person L
  • Loses favor with Person A because Person A is not a chip idiot and gets wind of itImage
  • Apologizes to Person A and Gossips about Person L to Person A
  • Damage control backfires. Gossiper is officially a douchebag

Routine B

  • Gossips about Person A to Person S
  • Loses favor with Person A because Person A is not a chip idiot and gets wind of it
  • Vigorously constructs lies about Person A and hopes the whole world will turn against Person A
  • Damage control backfires. Gossiper is officially a douchebag

Routine C

  • Gossips about Person A to Person T
  • Loses favor with Person A because Person A is not a chip idiot and gets wind of it
  • Tries to earn sympathy with world and Person T in private and in social media
  • Damage control backfires. Gossiper is officially a douche bag

Routine D

  • Gossips about Person A to Person Z
  • Loses favor with Person A because Person A is not a chip idiot and gets wind of it
  • Teams with Person Z and tries to insult and gain joy in tormenting Person A
  • Damage control backfires. Gossiper and Person Z are officially douche bags

Routine E

  • Gossips about Person A to Person V
  • Person A ***** up gossiper
  • Damage control backfires Person A is a douchebag but everyone secretly thinks gossiper deserved it

It’s time to move on my dear reader. Let me quote Albus Dumbledore “That which Voldemort does not value, he takes no trouble to comprehend. Of house-elves and children’s tales, of love, loyalty, and innocence… That they all have a power beyond his own, a power beyond the reach of any magic, is a truth he has never grasped”

 Note: This post is dedicated to Apar. I’m still around and I understand every painful tug at the heart. Let’s move on and write some blog posts like the good old days!