About Me

Update (Jan 2013)

Looking back at the words written in 2009, I do a double take… It has been almost four years since this blog started. I have written a lot of crap! Some people tell me that they can see me clearly evolving to the person I am just by reading my crazy posts. Well… I’ll say!

Who am I now? Wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt… Blogger, career woman, amateur in the kitchen….

Moved to Dubai and missing my Chennai like crazy 😦 Not sure how to deal with being homesick…

One thing is for sure you CAN ask me why I write. I have an answer now 🙂

– Archana

Leave your comments and I’ll get back to you 🙂


  1. I am new and have only a few posts up but would appreciate if you stopped in. I’m going to get a fresh drink and sit down to cruise your blog a bit.. 🙂 hope to see you at my place soon. (check out ‘thousand island’ and ‘the Glass’ my favs)

  2. Dear Archie, Absolutely love your blog and your style of writing. Thanks for visiting Sugarfree Sweetheart – it made it possible for me to find you! 🙂 Btw, that flowchart is genius. The representation and the content are so relatable! Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Sorry about the last post – I must be having an identity crisis! 😉 The comment from Dorinda Balchin was meant to come from my lakesideindia page!
    Thanks anyway 🙂

  4. yup!!!! do pause….and stop! pause is just a temporary period (full-stop- local lingo)…could translate to a comma too! So …ah…anything u write with ur heart…shudnt be burnt…(exceptions abound!)…ever heard abt the gorillas in bonobo?…Dr. Dian Fossey the famous researcher who was killed while fighting for their cause…said (quote not perfect…but the meaning is rite) “every time a gorilla is killed…it is akin to a library full of books being burnt….you never know what you lost”.

  5. Sadly my phone flew yesterday. A graceful projectile, shattering into three different components! But I thank you for your insight, I shall definitely pause to ponder before my next dance with the flames…

  6. I know why u write!!! ok not in full!!! but so may strings of pearly keep stringing themselves in ur head that they have to burst out!!!…else they mite hang themselves inside ya! but then this is one place where u cant burn the entries! Deleting doesnt give the same satisfaction!!! BANG!! there….deleted!!! doesnt give the same satisfaction of seeing something burn!!! esp when u r angry! ever tried to bang ur cell fone? only to realise oh no!!!! 15,000 buck gone!!! but banging the landline receiver gives a secial satisfaction…know what I mean?

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