She had an affair


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It started sometime around Aug 2007. She was very young and vulnerable. Her simple mind was caught in the throes of post-adolescent passions…

The world was against her, no one understood her. She just wanted someone to talk to. Not necessarily wiser, just someone who would not judge her. Someone she could not bother talking to for months and just go back to; whose doors were always open.

She found that ‘someone’. It was a love-hate relationship. They were on and off. Midnight whispers would be drowned out by the chaos that followed in the morning and they wouldn’t talk for a long time.

Now, they were not exclusive, so there were others they saw. It did not particularly hurt them. Whenever they managed to come together – it was great; mostly it was good; mostly just good.  There were a few people privy to their ‘relationship’ if you could call it that. But they could never be motivated to go steady or be mutually exclusive. She knew for sure at least.

They saw each other when she broke a few hearts and got her heart broken herself. Her someone was patient during long periods of absolutely no contact, while she busied herself with her career. She changed dramatically in a few years. College, work, career, social concern, family matters… It was as though she was slipping away.

There was this boy she started seeing, from a distant land. She left her someone in the lurch and flew away to be with him. They still got together, this time her ‘other’ interest was stronger and deeper. She had fallen completely for this new boyfriend of hers. He was charming, sexy, and chivalrous and seemed to be equally crazy about her. But, she just couldn’t resist coming back to him.

The wedding was fun and crazy and not at all the way she imagined. She seemed so happy. At least that is what her ‘someone’ attributed her absence to.  One day as you brilliant readers would’ve guessed, they got back together and again and again. It was good; mostly it was great!

She had to come clean to her husband. But you really couldn’t keep an affair a secret. He found out. He didn’t mind. Her husband was happy for her. Happy that so many people liked her affair.

Finally that ‘someone’s’ parents recognised her and gave them their blessings. No kidding! She was amazed and humbled by the wishes from her friends, family, stalkers, spammers and  yes, her husband.

The husband found out about his wife’s affair and was happy about it!

And that is the story of how I came to be Freshly Pressed by WordPress on July 20, 2013!