I love when Amma says…

1. I’m proud of you: It has given me a sense of elation and accomplishment like no other just hearing this from Amma. It doesn’t matter if I finished last, not even if I didn’t run the race. Just hearing her say this makes me feel like a winner.
2. You make me happy: Coming from a woman who spent her entire youth trying to make people happy, this is one of the best things I can hear. Amma has been there for anyone who needed help, she has received a fair share of heart ache in return too. Making her happy can be the highlight of my day!
3. It’s OK: Amma can be really strict at times. But in the end, she always has your back. When I come to think of it, I had/have panache of getting into sticky situations and there is always Wonder Woman to the rescue!
4. I’m sorry: Admitting mistakes to your children may feel weird, but Amma made me understand that everyone is capable of making mistakes. I can gracefully get my uncomfortably wide feet in my even wider mouth and when I do, I always remember to admit my mistake.
5. I forgive you: This is something Amma does so graciously these days. I’ve seen her struggle to put things behind her, to forget, to accept, to forgive. I’m not there yet. It is very hard for me to forgive or forget. I only hope I can learn the art of forgiveness from her.
6. The last but not the least (cliché attack!) most favorite thing Amma has ever said to me is: “Dinner is ready!”