Two sizes too small

Two sizes too small

Birthdays suck when you are miles from home. When you want to wish someone and hug them tight, when you want to knock the wind out of them by throwing them a huge surprise party… It sucks when you are miles away.

Cousins are always special but my sister and I, we have just that extra little glue that God reserved for special occasions. For example her phone number, through all these years when I cannot even remember my own, fingers would find the familiar comforting sequence – even today

But I hung up before the call connected because this had to be written down first. The earliest memory of my sister is back when her family and ours lived on adjoining streets. After school I would go to their place to play till my parents picked me up. It was one such evening and it was raining out. Clad in a white cotton petticoat she ran past me to get soaked before her mom could catch her at it. I wanted to follow and tried to get my feet moving but realised the slippers I wore were two sizes too big for me.
That’s how I see her… always two steps ahead of me, my feet two sizes too small. Trying so hard to keep everything on order, keep everyone happy, career woman, homemaker. mother, daughter and sister. How does she do it? I wonder…

The day before my wedding she was trying out my slippers and exclaims “Oh wow… they are a perfect fit for me!”
I’ve always wanted to catch up to her… but I’m perfectly happy being two sizes too small 🙂

Love you sis… Happy Birthday!

Home… Dream Home…

Home — that blessed word, which opens to the human heart,

 The most perfect glimpse of Heaven,

And helps to carry it thither, as on an angel’s wings.

– Lydia Maria Child

It was January 2009, my mother’s birthday was coming up in May. There was nothing special about the year or anything. Owing to mortal fear of my soul burning for ever in hell, I cannot tell you how old she turned that year. My younger brother A and I liked to surprise mom now and then.

When I was in the 11th grade, we surprised mom by inviting her estranged niece over, I still remember the pineapple cake – all mom remembers is her niece walking into the living room. She still can’t remember the cake…

She is a single parent. She balanced her job, running the house, us… Completely brought back to the verge of bankruptcy thrice by people she trusted, she never let her children go without food or education. Our small apartment was pristine, we had nutritious food and went to  top schools in the city. We counted our blessings and thanked God every day.

As we sat thinking back on all the things she had to forgo for us, we realised how blessed we were. The people who stood by her were her friends. They never asked anything in return, they protected her, loved her, supported her, told her off, put up with her and were there for her in every step of life. In doing so they kept her focused, determined and strong. In doing so they also had a hand in creating the beautiful life we have. All these thoughts were swirling around in our mind… So… we made a plan.

It was 11.55 pm; we could hear the air conditioner in mom’s bedroom humming. We had this tradition, every birthday at midnight; A would wake mom up and play this movie he makes using all the pictures he took of her during the course of the previous year. Like a photo memoir if you will…

“Happy Birthday Ma!” we woke her up. Excited about the photos as usual, she rubbed her sleepy eyes, and sat in front of the computer… Picture after picture ran past her and as the screen faded to black A said “Surprise”… And there they were all of her friends, wishing her good luck, recounting old memories, telling her how much she meant to them. A and I had labored over the past two months, gathering information, visiting her friends and filming them, friends from other cities had their videos recorded in mobile phones and e-mailed to us. It was beautiful, she was beautiful, my mother sitting there her humble self, only thinking about what others meant to her, hadn’t stopped to think that she had enriched people’s lives too.

When morning dawned we spent the day with her and packed her off to visit a few churches with her mother in the evening. We had planned to have a surprise dinner in the terrace. So we made some paper lanterns and set up the terrace. She came home to an empty house and called us “Come on up to the terrace ma!” we said.

She was over joyed looking at the paper lanterns and rushed to hug us, but stopped in her tracks. She could make out some other shapes in the dark, dull lit terrace and there was a blur of saris and colognes and jasmine… Pandemonium- Friends meeting each other after a long time some of them after decades, laughing crying hugging and talking all at the same time. I would like to believe we found most of them and brought them together that day.

This is my home, built with tough love, some TLC and a lot of friendship. These memories are my dream home and every single person who touched our lives with love and friendship lives there with us and there is room for more…

Dinner was sponsored by my mom’s cousin. There was ice-cream and cake … maybe there was a pineapple cake, but I can’t remember.

 Thank you DP for the writing prompt!

I have a message…

I have a message – for a man who means the world to me.

This post goes out to him… He who came from a distant land and swept me off my feet…

To someone who always seeks me out in a crowd and calms me down with his smile… Who would walk for an hour in the freezing rain just to say hi and walk back again… Who I learnt to love, respect and miss more than I ever imagined possible…

To a man who is all man… Steadfast in love, loyal to a fault and anchored to his family…

To a piece that brought my picture to life…

To the boy in him,  to the loving son, the loyal friend and the protective brother, to the man I’m in love with… I have a message…

Happy Birthday!

I need Pepper Spray :(

Police Off Duty Pepper Spray

Police Off Duty Pepper Spray

Allright this is what happened.

Last night I rode to office on my bike and sped into the basement parking lot at 10.00pm. It was deserted as usual with a few lights throwing a halo around themselves.

I parked and slung my bag over my shoulder and plucked up the current book I was reading(Jonathan Kellerman) from the rear compartment.

I turned around and the lights went out. Pitch black . Taking a deep breath I took a step forward and all of a sudden a mob of shadows yelling indistinct stuff rushed me from the far end… I froze and then executed the best defensive technique in Navy SEALs history. I chucked my Jonathan Kellerman at em.

They were closing ground fast “F**k! I’ve gotto return that book”, the biggest shadow was in the lead!

“Jesus Christ!” I let out a shriek and swung my bag at the nearest shadow.

I guess the Lord heard me, coz “Aaaargh” I heard someone yell. Contact!

Someone threw a lot of light in my face and I froze, blinded. Hell, if I was going down I was taking those bastards with me; I swung with all my might again and sprayed deodorant in their eyes…


The lights came on and I saw a bunch of men AND women (huh?) a few of them still thrashing around from the deodorant in their eyes and nursing battle wounds… The mob scattered and a few stayed behind.

“We thought you were someone else…” said someone from the midst of the motley crew.

A wimpy mole faced dude waved a bunch of candles in my face and abruptly backed off when I raised my bag again.

“Surprise!” another guy yelled smiling into the flashlight, (although the basement lights were back) probably hoping I’d take a cue from his Broadway acting skills.

I stuck the bottle of deodorant in my bag and turned squared my shoulders to give them a piece of my mind. I’ve never heard of such a f****d up thing in my life!They had surprised the wrong person.

“Sorry”, “Really sorry”, “Didn’t know”, “our mistake”

“You ok?”

“Here is your book”

“Give me that!” I grabbed the book, my voice ringing strange in my ears fuming at the freak of nature staring at my breasts. “AND I’M UP HERE” I screamed knocking the book against my forehead for emphasis. Oh screw this, I threw the book down and made a fist, I was knock this f****r out with a sucker punch.

“I’m sorry we give you fright” said the mime guy, in the split second that my attention wavered, the breast-starer had scurried away.

“I’m not sorry I flip you the b**d” and I did. They drew in a collective breath the candle waver was looking like he’d seen the devil. The Mr.Broadway gingerly picked up my book and laid it on the seat of my bike and backed up.

I felt like a Salem Witch, only if they came any closer I’d… well, bludgeon them to death with my hand bag and throw the book at them again?

I was going to walk away like a lady and throw up in the bathroom.and my mamma proud. her little girl don’t break mean boys’ noses no more. (I’ve broken very few of those by the way. I prefer a kick in the whoo-hooies or compasses)

Walking away, realization hit me, I had no way of protecting myself. I need pepper spray, maybe a taser so I can zap em in d ass and a gun.

Maybe the gun is a long shot, but I do need pepper spray.