Between the brontosaurus and the blue whale…

For Rainbows and Dungeons

Jan 18,09
Mom had issued her ultimatum ‘clean up your bookshelf, the neighbor’s cat is missing, it could’ve crawled in there and died and we wouldn’t know it”, her third one this week I think.
Well, amidst all my Hawthorne and Marquez lays the dust covered pearly white “Tell me why”. I pick it up and it feels like I’ve done it a million times… I turn automatically to page 257. Crinkled and dried, dark, papery, fragile… unlike the memory it brings. The remains of my once velvet rose, remains of my first love.
It wasn’t like a dream… I’m not the princess types. I’m loud when I’m angry, swear when am pissed, I bonked a guy with a cricket bat once, kneed a few more, I like being alone,love being with friends, I can’t paint my face, I’d rather paint a wall. No, It wasn’t like a dream at all… It was like a miracle.
Do you know how it feels when all your life, you feel despise, hate, anger, abuse and then there is the old velvet rose… crushed in his jacket, dropped by his sweaty palm, the last attempt (to make it ‘rose-like’) gone awry… And then it comes into your life, the most beautiful mangled velvet rose, paid for with saved samosa money.
Now it lies there, receiving its due of tears;” I miss you”, I say gently.
Life and death are mysteries to man; to me its right here, between the brontosaurus and the blue whale.
My old velvet rose… life, love, beauty, agony… Death – MEMORIES….
Fade to Black.