Three-Legged spawn of Satan

I met an old flame on Tuesday night and we were sharing an ice cream cone on the way back to the car. We saw a half-starved little puppy begging for food. He promptly went back to the restaurant got some chicken, fed the dog and reported it to a blue-cross friend who promised to come and pick up the dog even though it was after-hours.

It was then that he referred to the fact that I’ve been around some interesting animals in my life (both lovely and horrible) and that I should blog about them. I promised I would.

Three-Legged spawn of Satan:

That’s what it was folks! A three-legged, fast-as-a-bullet, black and white blur, that sent my heart leaping out of my mouth every evening. Now this mutt would wait for my school bus to drop me off and then chase me all the way home. I was six and a half. Terrified!!

This went on for many weeks, until, that fateful day that I broke free of the curse. I had taken my baby brother (who was then one and a half), for a walk. We were walking on the pavement, and I was distracted for just a couple of seconds. Out of nowhere the dog had rushed my brother and had him pinned to a wrought iron gate. That was all I could take. Picking up a few stones and emboldened by the scream tearing out of my throat, I managed to chase the hound from hell for good. Whopped his ass pretty good too!

Now, I know that you blue-cross warriors are clucking your tongues and shaking your solemn heads.

Poor little handicapped doggy…

What a horrible girl!

He was just looking for some attention.

If it makes you feel any better, at least I didn’t make it any more handicapped than it already was.

If it had hurt my little brother I would’ve hunted it down and ripped its malicious little head off.

I will follow this up with sequels based on popular demand 🙂