Far from home…

There I was seated looking forlorn and excited at the same time, clutching my boarding pass a little too tight… My flight to Dubai was to board in a few minutes. My whole life (minus the three years I went to college) had been in Chennai, a unique city in South India. Chennai is a potpourri of cultures. She has always welcomed traditions from all over the world while keeping her own alive. I was off to find a job, stabilize my finances and get married to man I loved and in that order.

My mother, I had given her a tight hug and whispered my millionth prayer for God to keep her safe and happy, my brother, my friends, my scooter, my life… It was so hard to bring myself to do this.  Choking and dabbing my eyes that kept welling up, I settled down and tried to get comfortable.

An hour into the journey, I couldn’t help feeling miserable. Like I had left home and was flying to a strange land, suspended between all that I was and a future that I could only visualize in a matter of hours as opposed to the decade long aspirations that I used to have.

J (my husband now but boyfriend then) was supposed to pick me up at the airport. I imagined him waiting there for me, combing a hand through his curly hair falling at his shoulders, a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his hazel eyes. Instead it was his cousin (who was a stranger to me) at the arrival gate. “J was here just a minute ago, where did he go?” he said looking around wildly. Anxiety gripped my already exhausted heart as I fought to keep from breaking down. Tap on my shoulder and I turned around into soft comfortable fabric stretched over a warm chest. There was a whiff of rose, the unmistakable scent of J and the reassuring circle of his warm hands…

Tucking a strand of hair behind my ears he bent down to whisper in my ear “Had to prove to the police that I was not a terrorist”

The laughter that followed has stayed with us till this day… My journey made me realize that the farthest I’m from home is in my mind. As long as carry people I love in my heart, as long as I wake up every day to a snoring J I’m always home…

P.S: This post was inspired by WordPress’ s Daily Prompt.