“Unfortunately, Archana”

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Hey! This Meme is perfect… It’s short and fun!

Here’s how to play… just search the internet for the phrase “unfortunately, _______” but put your first name in the blank (be sure to enclose it all in quotation marks). The resultant phrases are hilarious if you have a slightly twisted sense of humor and an appreciation for random absurdity.

Unfortunately Archana’s book is notable for a series of omissions that damage the argument she wishes to present

Oh well… “Men are driven by more than just testosterone and alcohol”. The series of omissions were the result of several bad dates and ‘mother of all’ hangovers. I have since resigned to let my argument be…

Unfortunately, Archana, Arun’s girlfriend, poses a barrier to any sort of relationship past friendship as she is super hot and super intelligent.

Ha Ha Ha! (Straight face) You flatter me! Gentlemen, I have no idea who Arun is 😉

Unfortunately, Archana is also blessed with a bad mouth, unlike Selvam, who is a thoughtful and sensitive guy

Huh? Who the @#$% is Selvam? Oh! I see what you mean… Screw you!!

Now I pass this on to… Hmmm … Let’s see:







Hope Y’all LYAO  too!