Raining Colours

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where you talk a million syllables of silence, where there is a profound meaning to a leaf drifting in the wind; where every second takes on an divine mission; And in a neon moment, the banal act of the spider lunching, mutates to a tale of survival, instinct and the way things are…

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where your intellect craves like a hungry child for a bosom, where there is a dearth of opulence in the crowd around you.

There is that phase of life that revisits you ever so often

That phase where you repress the urge to break into fragments, where you find yourself alone in a crowd…And in a flash of wisdom you see everything blazing sulphur brilliance-It’s raining colours…

Matters of the heart!

“Archana, tell me what do you really like about him?” My friend PN just want to make sure that I made the right choice…

Hmm… What do I really like about him? His love for his family and the fierce pride he has about his father. The way he gently teases his mother and how she acts annoyed. Having a brother’s protectiveness for his sister the struggle he had to let go of her. The difficulty he faced to accept someone else in the ‘protector’ role. A profound respect that he has for his brother – in – law which was earned by that amazing gentleman over time…

I love the way he seeks out my hand, the gentle pressure of his arm on my shoulder. The way his resolute brown eyes sparkle with laughter and darken with passion; his big palm that stays firmly on the small of my back when I’m boarding a bus or climbing up the stairs; Strong legs that walk many a mile just to meet me… I like watching him look at cars and admire bikes, cheeks rising up in a faint smile of approval, eyes glistening with excitement, his chest rising and falling in tune to the thrill. For all I know he could be that little boy in Ooty racing his lone tyre downhill!

 It’s all about the way he loves life and each day. Facing it dead on with fervor and faith, he never fails to keep me afloat.  Many years back, my good friend Sophie and I had a long discussion about flaws in people. There is no such thing as a perfect person, is there? We agreed that flaws can either be like holes in a boat or like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle… The ship can sink or the puzzle can be completed by binding it with several other pieces.

 In his case, neither is the hole big enough to cause damage, nor is he a difficult piece to fit.

God truly has loved me much.

I hope that answers your question PN!

I’m still here!

This is in reply to all the hate mail I have been receiving in the likes of “Where the **** are you?” and “To the lady with the dead blog…”


So what have I been doing?

I met someone… Was confused about my feelings for him… Fell madly in love… Moved to another country so we could live in the same city… Found a job there… Stayed with a lovely friend… Moved out… Moved again… Found new friends in his cousins… Camped… walked… was scared out of  my mind… Went on picnics… played in Toys R Us for hours… Swam (or tried not to drown)… Ran… Flew back home… Flew into Dubai again… MAN I HAVE BEEN BUSY!

So I’m here… and I will write… Need some time to gain control… It has been an emotional roller coaster (I know it is a menopausal statement… anyways…He he he)!

Current Status: In love, Busy, No access to internet and feeling extremely blessed.

E-mail me if you want to see our pictures… CIAO!

P.S: I miss reading  your blogs and commenting… but that doesn’t mean I treasure you all any less!


It feels like the man up there has hit the fast-forward button in my life…

Lately everything is whizzing past me with such insane speed that things are a blur (I know what you are thinking,but am sober!)

I fell on my ass trying to scramble for the phone forgetting that I was standing on a stool, forgot to pay for a cantaloupe in a mad frenzy to dash out of the store , return to the store coz I forgot my grocery bag, returned to return the grocery bag coz I hadn’t purchased grocery and came home without the cantaloupe.

Last Tuesday I witnessed an accident. This crazy-tattooed-eyebrow pierced-Mohawk sporting guy on a motor bike rammed into a pedestrian crossing the street. The lady shrieked like a banshee with her gown on fire and there was mayhem.  The fiend gathered his pants back over his ass, cocked his head, shifted gears and raced away!

Can you believe it! I had a fleeting impression that he gave her the finger too… I barely had time to help her to the side walk before the traffic whirred upto breakneck speed, many motorists throwing her looks of malice.  “Sheesh! sorry you had to take your foot off the gas pedal while a woman died on the road ass****s”.

I never did handle road-rage well… Sigh. We bundled her into an auto and the driver kept telling us to hurry up as the motorists kept honking like their lives depended on it…

This lady turns and tells the auto driver “Seekram ponga late aagida pogudhu” (Please hurry I’m getting late)

I rolled my eyes so far back in my head that I thought I’d fall over backwards and spied a pre-teen checking to see if  had left the keys in my Activa probably trying to steal it.

Hell, what’s wrong with the world!

I need a breather and that’s why my blog has been and will be dormant for a while…

Archie… Bounty Hunter Extrodinaire! (part 2)

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So this is where I die, bludgeoned to death by a Neanderthal off his meds.

“Ulle irukaanga” He grunted (they are inside)

In all this commotion I failed to notice a man by the door, watching us… Anger rose up inside me, like I was about to throw up lava.

Deepak Debnath, scum of the earth. In high school he had asked me out twice and had been turned down. This resulted in him exploiting his artistic license on bathroom walls, with anonymous paper copies of the same being left on lunch bags and homework books.

Ex-Nothing held out a hand I took it.

“ AJ? I don’t believe it! How’ve you been cupcake?”

“Don’t-call-me-that” I said gritting my teeth.

I’d made fists. He turned to Ex-Nothing “Leash your cat bro”

In a flash ex-nothing lunged for him only to be bodily lifted off the ground by mammoth himself.

“Inga no fighting” (No fighting here) he growled.

“Fucking mammoth” ex-nothing obviously didn’t enjoy being man-handled.

Suppressing a sudden giggle, I waddled in after them and found Silva* on the couch, wasted.

“She wants to stay with me.” Deepak Debnath, putrid dog turd.

“I want to hear her say it” “Then come back tomorrow cupcake”

I looked to ex-nothing for help. He was busy with mammoth’s X-Box. What is it with men and X-Boxes?

After a lot of argument and name calling,(Mammoth keeping Ex-Nothing from maiming Deepak or worse) he stirred Silva*. She sat up on the couch and promptly spewed her last meal. A few minutes and a glass of water later, she came to and sat cross- legged, groggy, swaying…

“Tell them you won’t go home” Deepak Debnath, gutter slime


“Silva*, It’s Joycey, look, I’m gonna take you home to your mother now ok?” “No” She sulked like a five year old

“What? Listen your mother is worried about you. Call her. I’ll let her know you are safe ok?”

“I’m staying with Deepichoo… We will have parties and two dogs and three little girls…” Hacking cough. “We are a couple now.”

She rocked back and forth outlining her dreams… She seemed so vulnerable.

“Err… Boo… your mother is more important, go home tonight. We’ll talk tomorrow” I turned to Deepak, was he sweating? Ex-Nothing and I exchanged an amused look.

“What’s the rush?” Guess Ex-Nothing will get to land a sucker punch after all.

“We’re leaving. Dogs and kids sound lovely” I pulled ex-nothing away and realized he was half-smiling. Obviously enjoying the way things were turning out.

“You can’t leave. Her mom’s worried about her, get ready boo, you have to go home” He shot us a murderous look “can you wait outside?”

“You can’t force her to do anything against her will dude” Ex-Nothing faced him squarely.

“Wait-the-fuck-outside” he was sweating and profusely at that… Debated with himself and added “Please” through pursed lips.

I pulled Ex-Nothing outside and we flopped down on one of the stairs leading up to the terrace. My eyes felt like they were filled with sand and a thousand trolls swing danced in my head.

“My neighbor’s cat is an FTA. Wanna take up the case Ms.Bounty Hunter?”

“Shut up”

Raised voices inside the house. Silva* high pitched and obviously crying… Deepak Debnath, pimple on the… well, I hated him and everything he stood for. MEN!

“Wanna get some dinner once this is over?” “I’m not hungry” He took out his mobile phone and got busy. Watching his ever familiar features I had a moment of what the Japanese call… Satori

There are men in my life that I love and despise with equal fervor.

Arun, who is talented, predictable, irritating, loving. Thomas, mature, silly, respectful, trustworthy, reliable, annoying, the look in his eyes when he picked me up bloody and disoriented in the accident said it all. TK, silly, lazy, affectionate, funny, and sweet, putting up with my phobias, he sets my heart racing conveying more in his “take care” and “you too” than in our entire conversation. Sathish, struggling between two extremities, of having to be human and his call to be super-human. John who is nothing short of a miracle…

Men, whom I respect, men I love, men I’m friends with, men I simply hold in awe…and then there are the Deepaks , freaks of nature, rude, ill-mannered, despicable, perverted, virulent, no respect for self / others…

“How about if we skipped dinner and went to that Donut place by the beach. Two friends talking over a…a…Strawberry Glaze and a Mochachino if I remember right… How about that?”

Damn, “Yeah… How about that?” I met his eyes and smiled.

Diary Excerpts(Jan 17,08)

For Rainbows and Dungeons ( Jan 17,08 )
“Don’t forget to look down” I thought to myself. Suspended a hundred feet above the ground, walking on an industrial cable; looking down, I saw a myriad of faces and colors, all fading away.
Ever had claustrophobia in open space? All reason is against it. I guess that’s why I can so acutely perceive it.
Always there, like the coffee cup stain on my professor’s desk; always there – permanent; It was and is and shall be… Just like me, I realize… I was and am and shall be. There’s nothing that can be done to stop it. Just don’t get in the way… Excuse me 😉