T Rajendar

Kollywood Kisukisu!

Vijayakanth doesn’t carry a gun . He bounces bullets off his chest. He is currently training to bounce off surface to air missiles while free falling from a military chopper.

Rajkiran was fired from a construction job because he  bent a 10 inch thick steel cylinder by accidentally grazing it across his thigh.

Vijay ‘s house does not have doors. He just welds a ‘Vijay Shaped hole” wherever with his blowtorch. His house and his head are being checked for leaks.

Major Sundarajan has posthumously been awarded a national award for best Tamil actor in a film. He won the best English actor for the same film. Ajith Kumar announced this during the inaugural ceremony of his next movie ‘Konjam Dullah’. Speaking in the ceremony, he said ‘The idea for this movie came to me when I was shooting for ‘Billa‘. Wearing shades indoors and outdoors in the movie gave me this brilliant idea.”

TR has declined the offer to teach English Voice and Accent in a reputed MNC in Chennai. Sources say that he is busy shooting with a song with Lil-Wayne called TR Pain.

Here is his audition tape: (Watch from 00.17  to 01.02 , sorry I couldn’t get a better quality)

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P.S: This is a post dedicated exclusively for tamil readers, if you haven’t figured it out by now! 😛