Two sizes too small

Two sizes too small

Birthdays suck when you are miles from home. When you want to wish someone and hug them tight, when you want to knock the wind out of them by throwing them a huge surprise party… It sucks when you are miles away.

Cousins are always special but my sister and I, we have just that extra little glue that God reserved for special occasions. For example her phone number, through all these years when I cannot even remember my own, fingers would find the familiar comforting sequence – even today

But I hung up before the call connected because this had to be written down first. The earliest memory of my sister is back when her family and ours lived on adjoining streets. After school I would go to their place to play till my parents picked me up. It was one such evening and it was raining out. Clad in a white cotton petticoat she ran past me to get soaked before her mom could catch her at it. I wanted to follow and tried to get my feet moving but realised the slippers I wore were two sizes too big for me.
That’s how I see her… always two steps ahead of me, my feet two sizes too small. Trying so hard to keep everything on order, keep everyone happy, career woman, homemaker. mother, daughter and sister. How does she do it? I wonder…

The day before my wedding she was trying out my slippers and exclaims “Oh wow… they are a perfect fit for me!”
I’ve always wanted to catch up to her… but I’m perfectly happy being two sizes too small 🙂

Love you sis… Happy Birthday!

Of friendship and hope

It has been so long since we spoke that I’m concerned. If anything’s the matter I trust that you will let us know so it can be resolved.

You know how to reach me, us or…

Take Care 🙂

Hands shaking, she hits the ‘send’ button and feels her throat close, enveloping the light

around her.

‘Message sent View or undo’?

She blinks trying to get her eyes to focus. Undo… Dear reader,  if only it were that simple, you and I would have found a cure to cancer . If only she knew what the hell there was to undo. (more…)

5 year anniversary

5 year anniversary

Today is my Five year anniversary with WordPress  Over five years WordPress has been the sounding board of my soul’s rants.

I would like to thank WordPress, the editors, the IT team and the support staff for making me realise that no matter what you have to say, there is always a friend around to listen.